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Student Scholarship

Student Research

Our majors have many opportunities to work outside the classroom and get unparalleled preparation for graduate school and employment. Students in the psychology department are active researchers, and there are many ways for you to get involved in research. These include Albright’s ACRE program for collaborative student-faculty research, honors theses, conference presentations, and opportunities to apply for travel funding.


The Albright Collaborative Research Experience (ACRE)

The Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) program allows students to work closely with a faculty mentor on a research project during the January interim or summer session. Accepted students receive a stipend and free on campus housing during the summer or interim.


Senior Thesis

All students enrolled in the Honors Program, as well as any students with a major GPA of 3.5 and a cumulative GPA of 3.25 may complete an honors thesis in their senior year.


Conference Presentations

Students in the psychology department frequently present their research at regional and national conferences:

  • Eastern Psychological Association
  • Association for Psychology Science
  • The Berks County Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference:
    • This conference takes place every Spring and is sponsored by the Higher Education Council of Berks County. The location of the conference rotates between the five Berks County Colleges: Albright College, Alvernia University, Penn State Berks, Kutztown University, and Reading Area Community College.

Students traveling to conferences to present their research may apply for up to $750 in funding to cover their expenses. For more information go to


Here’s how one Albright psychology alumna who is now in grad school describes the Albright advantage:

“There were so many examples of times when I could tell that my Albright education was so far above anything that these other students had experienced that I was stunned. … I can’t even list all the examples of times when I could tell that Albright has prepared me for graduate school beyond compare. I am beyond not-nervous to go, but am instead incredibly excited because I know 100 percent that I am going to be able to learn everything I need to since I have the best foundation from undergraduate school that I possibly could have.”

Working with Dr. Hughes, Toe Aung ’17 has recently published articles in the Journal of Evolutionary Studies Consortium and Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. He has explored everything from mate selection and attractiveness to free will, and is now in a prestigious Doctoral Program in Anthropology.

Stephanie Michel ’17 investigated the effects of meditation on social connection and health with Dr. Hearon. She used the knowledge she learned, as well as many years of experience working in hospitals, to win a spot in a very competitive Public Health Scholars Program.

Ellie Herman ’15 and Amanda Havens ’14 worked with Dr. Seidman to find out why people overshare on Facebook. Ellie is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work, while Amanda is studying to be a Physician’s Assistant.


Lauren Pupko ’14 discusses her senior thesis research on Perceptions of Criminal Behavior Based on Physical Appearance, Voice-Pitch Manipulation, and Gender. She is currently in a Clinical Forensic Psychology graduate program.


John Vasko ‘15, Kristen Gerzewski ‘17, Toe Aung ‘17, Brianna Miller ‘17, and Elizabeth Place ’17 at the 2015 Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference


Amanda Osterlind ’15 presents her research on Perceived Education Outcomes at the Eastern Psychological Association in Boston. Amanda is now the Assistant Director of Admissions at Albright. Contact her if you have any questions!