Music Industry Studies

Combine artistry, industry and technology for a multi-faceted career, through Albright College’s music industry studies program.

The world of commercial music has undergone a seismic shift as young, entrepreneurial artists have taken control of both the content and delivery of their material — thanks to advances in digital technology and online distribution systems. This is not a trend. It is the new face of doing business in a digital music world.

Albright’s music industry program prepares students for join the fray, by examining the diverse topics of artist management, music distribution, licensing, copywriting, music law, marketing and promotion.

Albright wasn’t even on my map … but I found it had one of the top music industry programs in the country. I thought I was going to have to build a major, but when Albright had all three aspects — technology, artistry and business — it was exactly what I wanted.” — Lexi Close ’19


Mike D'Errico, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music | Director of Music Technology & Composition


A.J. Merlino, D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Music | Director of Music Industry Studies | Music Department Co-Chair

Please see the Music Department for requirements and courses.

Lion Enterprises

Students are encouraged to prepare for their professional future by active participation in Lion Enterprises, which is comprised of Lion Records, Albright Music Publishing Group, Lion Management and our Songwriter’s Organization. Lion Enterprises offers students access to hands-on, real-world experiences, with an eye toward future business success in the music industry. The organization hosts an annual Albright Idol competition as well as a forum that offers students the opportunity to meet high-profile music industry artists and business leaders.

An integral part of Albright College’s approach to the study of music is the attention we pay to the relationship between process and product. For many of our aspiring music industry students, this symbiotic relationship manifests itself as researching and writing, rehearsing and performing, or even composing and producing.

For some, it involves the creation, release and celebration of original work. Receiving critical praise for his work on his first solo R&B and soul album, Milton McCauley ’15 debuted “Simple Pleasures” at a release party at Hard Rock Café: Philadelphia.

A formal audition is not required for admission into the music department.

The music industry studies program culminates with two capstone experiences: an academic seminar in entrepreneurship and a pre-professional internship. The technology strand includes contact time within the arenas of live audio technology, recording technology and music production.

Interning provides valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities. Albright students have taken on these experiences in many major music industry companies, such as Atlantic and Columbia Records, Warner Music Group and Reverb.

Co-major and Minor:

Students are encouraged to expand their intellectual horizons by combining majors to tailor-make a unique and deeply satisfying undergraduate academic experience. For students who wish to augment their studies with an added focus in the business aspects of the music industry, we offer a flexible seven-course co-major or five-course minor from the following courses: The Business of Music: An Introduction, Music Marketing and Promotion, Live Audio Production, Concert Promotion, Demo to Distribution, Artist Management, Music Law, Industry Internship.