Medieval & Renaissance Studies – Albright College

Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Investigate the history, literature, religion, philosophy and arts of the Middle Ages.

Albright College’s minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies enables students to examine the Middle Ages and Renaissance from multiple disciplinary perspectives — gaining an “interdisciplinary” understanding of this important and vibrant period.

This minor is suitable for anyone interested in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and is especially beneficial to anyone considering graduate work in this area. Students will complete a substantial original research project.

For more information about this program, contact Professors Lawrence Morris or Patricia Turning.

  • HIS 122 Medieval and Early Modern Civilization
  • One Literature in Original Language from
    • ENG352 Chaucer
    • ENG354 Shakespeare
    • ENG355 Tudor/Stuart
    • ENG356 Milton
    • LAT201 Intermediate Latin
    • FRE321 French Civilization and Culture
  • One Philosophy or Religious Studies course from
    • PHI210 Greek/Medieval
    • REL142 New Testament
    • REL251 Islam
    • REL253 History of Christianity to 1600
  • One Elective Course approved by the program coordinator
  • One Independent Study with a research paper or an approved module with a research paper in an upper-level course

Courses not listed above can be used with the approval of the program coordinator.