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Legal Studies

Albright’s interdisciplinary minor in legal studies provides preparation for careers as a lawyer or paralegal, or in the court or judiciary system.

For those students considering law school, this minor serves as academic preparation for law school and complements Albright’s pre-law program. Students study the place of the legal system among our civil institutions and develop the ability to read, understand and assess critically court cases.

The Albright College legal studies minor is open to all students interested in studying our legal system, regardless of major. Six courses are required for the minor in legal studies. Specific course requirements are listed in the Political Science Department section.

For those interested in legal studies, the crime and justice interdisciplinary major, which focuses on the legal, political, administrative, psychological and sociological analysis of criminal deviance and societal responses to crime.

“You will not leave Albright without a support system, a network of people that want you to succeed.” — Jacob Walsh ’20, after scoring in the 97th percentile on his LSAT exam.

Hayley Munir, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science