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Information Systems

Be in demand by learning to pair technology and information to solve analytical problems.

Globalization of business markets has added the need for communication and project teamwork to become a part of every manager’s professional repertoire. And as the world’s information systems skill gap continues to widen, the demand for college graduates who possess an information systems background is rising.

With a co-major in information systems, Albright students prepare to compete for managerial and analytical positions in many fields, including software design, database management, network consulting and e-commerce business.

A student can only do a combined major in information systems; a student cannot major in information systems alone.

A student is not allowed to combine information systems with computer science.  A student who is interested in this combination would work out a program of study within the Computer Science Department that would result in the student majoring in computer science with some information systems courses being chosen for the student’s departmental elective requirements.

  • IST 150
  • CSC 141, 142
  • CSC 305
  • IST 301
  • One 300-level IST course
  • One 400-level IST course

IST 100
Introduction to Computer Concepts

This course provides a personal capability for student use of information technology. Exposure to a suite of software tools, which are useful for the IS major, including Internet and electronic mail, spreadsheet processing, databases, presentation graphics, statistical software and word processing.

IST 150
Fundamentals of Information Systems

This course provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, information technology and application software. It explains how information is used in organizations and how IT enables improvement in quality, timeliness and competitive advantage.

IST 301
Analysis and Logical Design

This course provides an understanding of the system development and modification process. It enables students to evaluate and choose a system development methodology. It emphasizes the factors for effective communication and integration with users and user systems.
Prerequisite: IST 141 and IST 150

IST 391
Advanced Topics in Information Systems

A different topic is presented each semester. Currently, these topics include, but are not limited to, applications programming in Visual Basic and Python, operating systems concepts, database management principles, advanced database concepts, data communications, and network security. The course provides the IS student with a challenging, applications-based topic that can be utilized in the business sector. The instructor provides a syllabus discussing the topics to be covered in the semester prior to the actual offering of the course.
Prerequisite: IST 150 and IST 301

IST 492
Project Management and Practice
This course covers the factors necessary for successful management of system development or enhancement projects. Both technical and behavioral aspects of project management are discussed. Project management, management of the IS function and systems integration are components of the project experience.
Prerequisite: IST 301 and IST 313

IST 499
Information Systems Topics Seminar
This course discusses current topics in computing based upon readings in professional literature and individual research projects. It is designed to provide the serious student with a challenging topic, which will allow the individual to draw upon the knowledge that has been gained in previous IS courses.
Prerequisite: Senior-level standing or department permission

What Can I do With a Major in Information Systems?