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Holocaust Studies

The Holocaust Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary framework for the investigation of ethical and moral choices. Studying the Holocaust shows that reason and good intentions are frequently unstable and often displaced by ruthless force. The involved faculty expects students to confront such issues as prejudice, racism, stereotyping, as well as silence and apathy in multiple contexts. Through a combination of historical, literary and religious case studies, they should develop an awareness of the value of tolerance in a pluralistic society, one that extends beyond Judaism and anti-Semitism to include other social groups by challenging bigotry and exclusion in any form.

Contact Professors Guillaume deSyon or Jennifer Koosed  for information about this program.


Jennifer Koosed, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies


Guillaume de Syon, Ph.D.
Professor of History


John Incledon, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish; Director of the Holocaust Studies Program

Required courses for this minor are:

  • HIS 373 The Holocaust
  • REL 375 Religious Responses to the Holocaust
  • SPI 232 Holocaust in American Literature or SPI 234 Holocaust in World Literature
  • Two courses from HIS 267, 374, 375; PHI 204; POL 242; REL 250; SPI 230, 232, 234
  • Other courses or independent studies may be added or substituted once approved by instructors in the Holocaust Studies Program