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Evolutionary Studies

The Evolutionary Studies Minor is meant to create opportunities for faculty and students at Albright to (a) develop a deep understanding of evolutionary ideas, (b) conduct cross-disciplinary research using evolution as a synthesizing paradigm, and (c) contribute to novel ideas across disciplines guided by evolutionary reasoning. Contact Dr. Susan Hughes at 610-929-6732, shughes@albright.edu for more information.

  • PSY 100: General Psychology
  • BIO 203: Genetics or BIO 152 General Biology II: Systematics, Ecology and Evolution
  • Two of the following:
    • PSY 319: Evolutionary Psychology
    • BIO 220: Evolution
    • ANT 342: Human Evolution
  • One of the following:
    • PSY 319, BIO 220 or ANT 342 (if not already taken from course 3 & 4 options)
    • PSY 205: Biological Psychology
    • PSY 350: Animal Behavior and Cognition
    • PSY 265/ANT 265: Ecological Psychology
    • BIO 319: Vertebrate Natural History
    • BIO 331: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
    • BIO 494: Mammalian Evolution
    • ANT 285: The Human Animal
    • ANT 320: Sex/Gender/Culture
    • PHI 140: Human Nature
  • Additional courses: If special Seminars or Special Topics classes arise that may be pertinent to this program, students may petition their advisors to have other courses count toward this program.
  • Includes opportunities for Independent Study and involvement in faculty research to fulfill program requirements.