European Studies – Albright College

European Studies

Interested in European art, literature, economics, music, religions, politics or history?

Albright College’s European Studies minor allows students to broaden their knowledge of these areas and more through a multi-disciplinary learning approach.

The minor requires the completion of five courses, including at least one from each of the three following groups:

  • History, philosophy, religious studies
  • Anthropology, economics, political science, psychology
  • Art, literature, music

This minor allows Albright College students to complement their major area of study with a variety of courses surrounding the European continent.

European Studies is particularly well-suited for students in the arts, philosophy, or students who are focusing on the mastery of a European language and wish to clarify the relationship of their chosen discipline to other fields. It is also helpful to students majoring in history and political science with a concentration on non-European areas, who wish to integrate knowledge of Europe for academic, pre-professional or personal reasons.

For more information, please contact Professors Guillaume de Syon or Patricia Turning.