Winston Churchill famously said that Britain and America are two nations separated by a single language. The same is true of the two departments involved in this major. Literature people read texts written to be performed, and theatre people perform texts that were written in the first place; theatre people forget the literacy frame of the text and literary people forget its dramatic matrix. Falling in the gap between the two approaches is the curiously intermediate phenomenon of dramatic art itself, the enactment of a text. The primary goal of the English-Theatre interdisciplinary concentration is therefore to offer students a systematic way to try to fill that gap, so that, for instance, the function of metaphor will be as vivid to the theatrical as to the literary person and the function of the performance will be as significant to the literary as to the theatrical person.

Students interested in this concentration should contact Professor Alberto Cacicedo in the English Department or Professor Julia Matthews in the Theatre Department.

See English section or Theatre section for specific course requirements.


What Can I do With a Major in English Theatre?