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Digital Video Arts

The Digital Media and Theatre Departments collaborate to offer an interdisciplinary major focused on the study of Digital Video Arts. Rather than simply combining two co-majors, this program leads student artists/producers through an integrated curriculum that weaves together the history, theory, skills, and concepts associated with the creatively challenging arenas of pre-production, production, and post-production. It capitalizes on the intrinsic working relationships between these two disciplines as they engage content, delivery, and audience.  The program prepares students for success in the competitive and multi-faceted world of digital video production.

ART 265 Computer Graphics (fulfills General Studies Foundations-Fine Arts requirement)
THR 101: The Creative Process
DIG 265: Digital Literacy
THR 150: Acting Studio I
DIG 201: Video I
THR 280: Script Analysis

Skill Sets
THR 213: Audio Technology
MUS 241: Electronic Music I
THR 252: Acting and the Camera
THR 361: Screenwriting
DIG 300: Digital Media Production
DIG 301: Video II
ARA 390: Project Management-Arts Administration

THR/DIG 382: Internship
DIG 420: Senior Seminar: Producing

What Can I do With a Major in
Digital Video Arts