Digital Studio Art

Digital Studio Art provides students an integrated experience with the creative concepts and techniques inherent to both Digital Media and the Visual Arts. A primary objective will be to develop students’ knowledge and skills in applying the elements and principles of design in the use of Digital Media as well as the media of the Visual Arts, including drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding in media theories that will assist them in creating integrated products in digital artworks and digital environments. They will put those theories into practice through specialized courses in writing, digital and visually artistic production, research, illustration and design, and will have opportunities to apply their knowledge through work with campus media and internships with regional cultural and educational institutions, publications and agencies.


Matthew Garrison, MFA
Associate Professor of Art and Digital Media; Department Chair


  • ART 101 Drawing
  • ART 103 Design
  • ART 113 Sculpture
  • ART 216 Photography or ART 112 Painting I
  • ART 252 Aesthetic Rebels in Film and Art (formerly IDS 252)
  • ART 256 Modern Art and Design Concepts
  • ART 265 Computer Graphics
  • ART 400 Studio Topics (Painting, Sculpture or Digital Studio)
  • DIG 265 Digital Literacy
  • Three courses from:
    • DIG 201 Video I
    • DIG 270 Digital Illustration and Design
    • DIG 315 Web Design or DIG 283 Visual Design for the Web
    • ART 212 Painting II or ART 213 Scupture II
  • DIG 420 Senior Seminar

One of the ART courses may also be used to satisfy the Foundations-Fine Arts requirement of the General Education Curriculum.