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Digital Media

Albright students are encouraged to personalize degree paths by crossing or combining majors. Nearly half of Albright students graduate with combined or personalized majors.

Combined Major in Digital Media
Minor in Digital Media
Interdisciplinary Major in Digital Communications
Interdisciplinary Major in Digital Studio Art
Interdisciplinary Major in Game and Simulation Development

Combined Major in Digital Media

The Digital Media Combined Major was terminated on May 22, 2015. Students declared in this major on this date can continue with it, but no other students can declare it.

Core Courses

• Computer Graphics Art and Design (ART 265) (counts as General Studies Foundations Fine Arts) Note: ART 265 is a prerequisite for all digital media courses.
• Digital Video I (DIG 201)
• Digital Literacy (DIG 265)
• Illustration & Design (DIG 270)
• Visual Programming (DIG 380) (counts as General Studies Foundations Quantitative Reasoning)
• Web Design (DIG 315)
• Senior Seminar (DIG 420)

Focus Area — Two courses required
Art Focus

  • Design (ART 103)
  • Modern Art & Design Concepts (ART 256)

Communications Focus

  • Writing for the Mass Media (COM 222) (Prerequisites are waived for digital media concentrators)
  • Writing for Public Relations (COM 327) (Prerequisites are waived for digital media concentrators)

Computer Science Focus

  • Game Programming (CSC 383)
  • Game Design (DIG 383)

A course cannot count for both a Digital Media Focus Area requirement and for a requirement for the student’s other combined major.

Minor in Digital Media

The Digital Media Minor provides in-depth study of Digital Media through a selection of five courses.


  • ART 265 Computer Graphics
  • DIG 201 Digital Video I
  • DIG 265 Digital Literacy
  • DIG 270 Digital Illustration and Design
  • DIG 315 Web Design



Matthew Garrison, MFA
Associate Professor of Art and Digital Media; Department Chair

What Can I do With a Major in Digital Media?