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Digital Communications

Put theory into practice through real experiential media opportunities and specialized courses in writing, digital production, research, illustration and design.

The Digital Communications major at Albright College offers a broad, cross-program “interdisciplinary” approach to develop students who are well-versed in both theory and practice — and graduate with the skills to excel in the rapidly changing media industry.

Students who wish to apply writing skills and industry knowledge through online and broadcast media should consider studying Digital Communications. Blending coursework and experiences, Albright graduates prepare for a wide-variety of careers in digital journalism and marketing, corporate communications, public relations and other fields.


Heidi Mau, Ph.D., M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Communications; Faculty Advisor - Albright Arts Magazine

The Digital Communications major is grounded in theory, social impact, and industry practice and extends practical experience in both writing and visual design and production, culminating with two senior-level courses. Students will take:

  • 6 theory/social impact/industry practices courses
  • 3 writing courses
  • 3 visual design and production courses
  • 2 senior-level courses

Theory/Social Impact/Industry Practice

COM260/DIG260: Communication Theories in the Semiotics of Digital Media
DIG201: Digital Video
DIG265: Digital Literacy
COM250: Mass Communication & Society
COM/DIG 333: Practicum
DIG301: Video Production II

Choose one: 
COM317: Public Relations & Advertising
COM321: Media History
COM320: Freedom of Expression


COM222: Writing for Mass Media
COM390: Multiplatform writing

Choose one: 
COM315: Public Affairs Reporting
COM219: Feature Writing
COM327: Writing for Public Relations & Advertising

Visual Design and Production

Choose One FOCUS:
DIG315: Web Design
DIG325: Visual Design for the Web
DIG270: Illustration & Design
DIG370: Design II

Senior Requirement 
COM480: Senior Seminar in Communications
DIG420: Capstone

Albright Digital Communication courses emphasize the broader history and social effects of media and digital culture as well as theories guiding digital production and advertising, such as semiotics and media convergence.