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Art History

The study of art history is essential to any basic understanding of the visual environment in which we live. What may at first appear to be “academic” actually leads to profound insights into why our modern world looks the way it does. The art history minor attempts to impart this awareness through a variety of courses covering the entire historical spectrum of human artistic endeavor, from cave painting to the latest developments in the international art scene. The art history minor is coordinated wherever possible with exhibitions in the Freedman Gallery and various programs in studio art and filmmaking. An art history course includes a field trip to one of the major museums in New York or Philadelphia. Thanks to our proximity to these art centers, students of art history at Albright College are exposed not only to the usual instructional materials but are able to study from the masterworks themselves. Specific course requirements are listed in the Art Department section. Contact: Chair, Art Department


Maite Barragán, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Art History


Newton A. Perrin, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History and German
610) 921-7688