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Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Minor at Albright College provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to the study of the histories, cultural practices, beliefs/ideas, and experiences of peoples of Africa and of the African Diaspora. Students will be familiarized with the various descriptive, critical, representational, and analytical approaches to the study of Africa, its peoples/diasporas, across time and space. The minor offers a curriculum that covers various disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and approaches within and across the fields of anthropology, arts, education, film studies, history, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology, economics and business. Contact: Prof. Adam John

  • One introductory course from HIS 211 “African History” or PHI 218 “African Philosophy” (other introductory courses may be approved by the program coordinators)
  • Three Africana studies content courses from at least two disciplines.
  • One 300- or 400-level advanced course that involves studying in depth an Africana topic or author.