Academic Programs – Albright College

Majors and Minors

Cross or combine any of Albright’s bachelor’s degree academic programs to create more than 150 co-major combinations, without taking longer to graduate.

Academic Programs

Business Economics
Entertainment Industry
International Business
Sport Management
Journalism Track
Media Studies
Strategic Communications
Public Relations & Advertising Track
Art Education (K-12)
Early Childhood (Pre K-4)
Foreign Languages (K-12)
Secondary Education (7-12)
Costume Design
Design and Merchandising
Fashion Design
Fashion Merchandising
Behavioral Psychobiology
Molecular Psychobiology

Graduate Degrees

See all of Albright’s graduate degree offerings.


Pre-Professional Programs

Virtually any Albright major can lead to a career in law or medicine. Albright’s Pre-Law Advisor (Suzanne Palmer, JD, LLM) and Health Sciences Advisor (Erin Ventresca, Ph.D.) can help you shape your course of study toward a future in law, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

The Alpha Program

Some students enter college knowing exactly what they want to major in and exactly what career field they want to enter upon graduation. For many, however, things are a little less certain – they may need to explore different possibilities to find the right fit.  If the second profile describes you, then Alpha Program at Albright College is designed specifically for you. Learn more…

General Education

Communication. Critical thinking. Analytical adeptness. Flexibility. Adaptability. Teamwork. These form the basis for developing important intellectual, civic and practical capacities. Together they are the product of a timeless and enduring liberal arts education. Albright’s General Education Curriculum was designed specifically to impart these skills to all students. Learn more…