The 4+1 Program in Business – Albright College

The 4+1 Program in Business

Bachelor’s degree + Master’s degree in 5 years

The 4+1 Graduate Program in Business leads to a Master of Science degree for Albright undergraduate students who wish to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years. Students choose two concentrations to build their graduate degree in areas of interest, options include Accounting, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Inclusive and Ethical Leadership. In addition, students can self-design a concentration, which may include graduate courses from our programs in Athletic Leadership, Applied Psychology or Education.

Applications to the 4+1 program should be submitted to the Graduate Office by the end of the junior undergraduate year. However, an earlier decision helps in the preparation and scheduling of courses. Scheduling is critical because the first two graduate courses are taken in the senior year. As an incentive, those two graduate classes, counted as Bachelor’s-level electives, are tuition-free since they are included in the spring undergraduate tuition and financial aid package.

Finishing an undergraduate program – which can be majors other than Business – with a Master’s degree in Business not only exhibits your dedication and commitment at the beginning of your career, but you’ll also start at a higher salary bracket than a counterpart with only an undergraduate degree, and benefit from a high return on your investment in yourself and your education.

The required 10 graduate level courses to earn the Master’s in Business are completed online and offered in an asynchronous format, with each running for five weeks. This can be completed in one year following completion of the four-year undergraduate degree.

Graduate curriculum map

Four-Course Strategic Innovation Core

  • MSB 601 Innovation and Change Management
  • MSB 602 Quantitative Research Methods for Business
  • MSB 603 Global and Sustainable Business Strategies
  • MSB 750 Transformational Team Leadership & Effective Project Management

Concentration: Accounting (students select three courses)

  • MSB 630 Strategic Cost Accounting
  • MSB 630 Accounting Information Systems
  • MSB 632 The Federal Tax
  • MSB 633 Forensic Accounting/Fraud
  • MSB 634 Corporate Governance and Ethics/Professional Responsibilities

Concentration: Data Analytics

  • MSB 640 Data Visualization
  • MSB 642 Business Analytics
  • MSB 643 Statistical Modeling

Concentration: Digital Marketing

  • MSB 670 Digital Marketing
  • MSB 671 Marketing Analytics
  • MSB 672 Integrated Content Strategy

Concentration: Inclusive and Ethical Leadership

  • MAP 601 Positive Psychology, Health and Wellness
  • MAP 609 Psychological Diversity
  • MAP 610 Professional Seminar: Ethics and Standards of Practice

Requirements to apply for the 4+1 Program

  • Complete Graduate Application
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have earned credits to qualify as a junior or above
  • Completion of prerequisite courses: one course each in accounting, economics and statistics, as well as one business-themed course.

For more information:
Email Lisa Wilder, Ph.D. at or call the Graduate Office at 610-921-7791.