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General Education Curriculum

No matter what you major in, and no matter what you choose to do with your degree, a common set of skills guides you on the path to personal fulfillment, professional success and engaged citizenship.

Communication. Critical thinking. Analytical adeptness. Flexibility. Adaptability. Teamwork. These form the basis for developing important intellectual, civic and practical capacities. Together they are the product of a timeless and enduring liberal arts education.

Albright’s new General Education Curriculum was designed specifically to impart these skills to all students. A diverse, dynamic and inclusive sequence of educational experiences, the curriculum sets the stage for your major and illuminates its linkages to other fields of study.

The path described by the General Education Curriculum follows a progressive logic. The first foundational steps introduce you to conceptual and analytical tools that will see you through to more complex tasks of comparison and integration. As you continue, you will apply increasingly sophisticated understandings to intellectual and practical engagements with the world.

Students enrolled in Accelerated Degree Programs can complete general studies requirements by the following methods:

  • Accelerated general studies courses at Albright College.
  • Approved transfer courses from regionally accredited community colleges.
  • College Level Exam Program (CLEP) examinations.
  • Academic Credit for Experiential Learning (ACEL) Prior Learning Assessment.

Benefits to Accelerated General Studies courses at Albright College:

  • Discounted tuition model allows for adult learners to earn general studies credits at a lower cost than courses in major.
  • General studies courses at Albright are 4 college credits compared with 3 college credits at most other schools.
  • General studies courses are seven weeks in length; that meet one night per week for class.
  • Adult learners have seven different opportunities to begin a course module each year.

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