B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies – Albright College

Bachelor’s Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies

Master more than one discipline

Your career may require you to master more than one discipline. That’s why, as an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you’ll pursue a personalized program of study that will help shift your career to a higher gear – faster than you ever thought possible!

By taking classes in different academic subjects, you’ll be able to customize the curriculum to meet your unique needs. Your Albright academic coach will be there to help guide you and explain how you may be able to translate your experience outside the classroom (such as knowledge of a language other than English or knowledge acquired in the workplace) into college credit, thus shortening your path to your Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Examples of personalized degree plans include:

  • Marketing emphasis by including the Certificate in Digital Marketing and Sales along with coursework in business and psychology
  • Human Resources emphasis by combining courses in psychology and business
  • Music Production emphasis by completing the Certificate in Music Production as well as business courses
  • Liberal Studies emphasis by taking classes in humanities, social sciences, and sciences

These are just a few options available to you as an Albright adult student. With our accelerated schedule, you’ll have the flexibility you need to fit your academic and career aspirations into your busy life.

Stackable credentials

Our innovative Associate’s degree to Master’s degree completion pathway allows you to earn credentials quickly. If you already have an Associate’s degree, you’ll be able to earn a certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, a graduate certificate and a Master’s degree in just two and a half years. You’ll gain new skills quickly and become more marketable to advance your career.

With Albright College’s commitment to affordability, the School of Professional Studies provides a return on investment that far outpaces the pack.

Rooted in the traditional liberal arts, Albright College led the nation in the establishment of interdisciplinary programs that allow students to know the world, engage the world, understand the world, and, ultimately, to change the world.

How will I know what classes I can combine into my major?
Your dedicated academic coach will guide you through the process, as will the Academic program chairs who are faculty with professional and or business experience.

How many courses do I need to take? How long does this take?
The complete bachelor of science in accounting program is 31 courses (units) in duration. Each class lasts seven and a half weeks. You may transfer in a maximum of 18 courses (units) from a community college or 23 courses from a four-year institution.

Are students allowed to begin a new program? Or is this just for completing degrees?
Students are able to both start a program from scratch and complete their already in progress degree path.

Can I take these courses online?
Yes, courses are available online to fit your busy schedule.

How much does the program cost?
The price per course (unit) is $1,592 or $398 per course credit. This cost is inclusive, so there are no additional fees. Books will be a separate cost.

When can I start?
There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to begin undergraduate programs in the School of Professional Studies. There are two start dates in the fall, two in the spring and two in the summer.

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