The 4+1 Program in Education – Albright College

The 4+1 Program in Education

Bachelor’s degree + Master’s degree + Teacher certification in 5 years

The 4+1 Graduate Program in Education leads to a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree for Albright undergraduate education students who wish to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years. This sequential degree program also enables students to earn teacher certification as part of the curriculum.

Applications to the 4+1 program should be submitted to the Graduate Office by the end of the junior year.  However, an earlier decision helps in the preparation and scheduling of undergraduate courses. Scheduling is critical because the first two graduate courses are taken in the spring term of the senior year. As an incentive, those two graduate classes, when taken with at least one undergraduate class, are tuition-free since they are included in the spring undergraduate tuition and financial aid package.

Finishing the program with a Master’s degree not only exhibits your dedication and commitment to teaching at the beginning of your career, but you’ll also start at a higher salary bracket than a counterpart with only an undergraduate degree complementing their certification.

The course sequence is as follows

Spring of Senior Year

  • EDU 515 Advanced Human Development
  • EDU 630 Secondary Assessment

First Summer

  • EDU 547 ELL for Adolescents
  • EDU 525 Current Trends & Issues in Historical Perspective
  • SPE 540 The Inclusive Secondary Classroom

Fall of Fifth year

  • EDU 510 Educational Research Designs
  • EDU 646 Secondary Methods II
  • SPE 541 Assessment & Adaptation: Adolescents with Special Needs

Spring of Fifth year

  • EDU 702 Graduate Student Teaching
  • EDU 704 Graduate Student Teaching
  • EDU 707 Secondary Professional Seminar

Second Summer

  • EDU 520 Curriculum Development
  • EDU 701 Graduate Research Project

Requirements to apply for the 4+1 Program

  • Complete Graduate Application Packet including two recommendation letters
  • Must meet guidelines for teacher certification programs, including C or better in all education and content courses and a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Letter of admission to Education Department on file
  • GRE or MAT score needed prior to start of program (Application can be submitted prior to test date)

For more information
Email Dr. Rodney Warfield at or call the Graduate Office at 610-921-7791