Travis Napier: A Lion’s Pride – Albright College

Travis Napier: A Lion’s Pride

Computer Science/Music minor

“I’ve been playing video games ever since I could pick up a controller,” laughs Travis Napier. Although the game and simulation development major may have brought the gamer to Albright, Napier quickly switched his major to computer science after discovering his love and aptitude for programming during his first computer programming class.

“I came here for the music program too,” says Napier. “During my campus tour I auditioned for choir. Everyone was so kind and nice. I felt a great sense of community here at Albright.” Throughout his four years on campus, Napier, with his deep base voice, sang in the concert choir and Mane Men, the men’s a cappella group. Connecting with Choir Director Adlai Binger right from the beginning, Napier says, “I’m eternally grateful for his mentorship and friendship.”

Another source of pride for Napier is his brotherhood in Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity where he served as president his senior year. “I’m proud not only of the leadership skills I learned, but also of the leadership of the brothers outside of the fraternity. It spreads all throughout campus. There’s a large amount of respect that the college has for everyone in our fraternity due to what our chapter does on campus.”

But Napier’s involvement in Albright’s freshman orientation program—Peer Orientation Person (POPs)—is, perhaps, his most prideful college endeavor. “When I first got here for my freshman year, POPs was very exciting. Loud. Exhausting. Everyone was yelling and jumping. I knew from that moment on that Albright was my home. I also knew that I wanted to be a POP because I wanted to help the new students feel comfortable and welcome, too. Napier was a Peer Orientation Person for two years before moving on to the POP steering committee.

After graduation, Napier will be taking his programming skills to Corning, N.Y., where he’ll be developing apps for a startup company. And, with his passion for singing, he hopes to find a group with whom to share his base vocals.