Jordan Winkler: Changemaker – Albright College

Jordan Winkler: Changemaker

Political Science and Pre-Law/Spanish

“I’ve always been interested in people and interactions among human beings,” says Jordan Winkler, so choosing political science and pre-law as a major was a natural fit. So too, were the many campus clubs and activities in which he participated: concert choir, a cappella groups, student government (SGA), Ecuador study abroad, pre-law society, resident assistant (RA), admission ambassador, and more.

As president of SGA, Winkler’s goal was “not to change the world but to be able to make sense of the world.” After reviewing the SGA constitution and making policy revisions in order to “enhance the collegiate experience of Albright, Winkler was able to provide the clarity he was after.

Taking advantage of another development opportunity, Winkler became a resident assistant. “There are all kinds of thing RAs can witness and do, both socially and emotionally. You are the first line of defense in a residence hall. Whether it’s an emergency situation or being the support that your resident might need. I thought that was worthwhile.”

And as an Admission Ambassador, Winkler considered his job was to “purvey the true student message.” And, he continued, “to make the person I was giving the tour to feel as though this could be their home.”

“I do pride myself on playing a part in all facets of the Albright community because I really have enjoyed my time here. I tried my best to take advantage of everything this place has to offer.”

As for the future, Winkler will start law school at Widener University Delaware Law School—just 10 days after graduation.

“I’m a big proponent of human rights and civil liberties. I hope to work in major policy areas, such as immigration, where being bilingual will be an advantage. I’d like to do everything I can to ensure the law is facilitated more equally, where people don’t worry about being treated unfairly, or whether any individual is worth more than another. Law is a major vehicle for change. That’s where my passion lies,” says Winkler.