Blake Champagne: Right at Home – Albright College

Blake Champagne: Right at Home

Biology/Classical Studies minor

“A liberal arts college was absolutely not on my radar,” says Blake Champagne. “I was interested in straight science schools. I didn’t think a place where I wasn’t focused on science would be good for me. I thought I should be focusing on what I’m going for in a career. But, the outreach from the school made me feel that Albright really wanted me to come. Albright made me feel welcome even before I selected it. And from the very first night I arrived here, it won me over and became my second home.”

Champagne, whose interests lie in biotechnology, “always dearly wanted to go into science. I wanted a career where I could contribute creatively to the world and the idea of working with life was so fascinating to me.”

With his love for history and three years of Latin, the classical studies minor was an easy choice for Champagne. “I love classical history and it was just lovely to take another history course here at Albright and have it contribute to a minor.”

As for campus activities, Champagne was just as passionate. “When I came to Albright I resolved myself to experience as much of the school as I could.” Gamer’s Guild, ECO club, Newman Association, Film Club. But it was theater and improv that made his time at Albright all the more special. “Theater was never something I thought I would be interested in, ever. But through improv, I became immersed in the theatre department and it’s been one of the greatest blessings.

“From the very first day, Albright felt like my second home. The quality of the people here is just amazing. It’s an environment that’s singularly unique. The ethos of the college about trying to create students who are not just singularly focused on their particular field of study is something I’ve taken to heart. I hope as many people as possible are able to see the value in that ethos.”