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Frequently Asked Questions About “The Experience”

A full-time day student is required to complete sixteen credits before the end of the sophomore year.
Transfers who come in as sophomores are required to complete eight credits by the end of the sophomore year.
Transfers who come in as juniors are not required to complete the experience (but we encourage you to attend events anyway!)

You must arrive at the event before it begins and get a card from an experience monitor. Experience monitors WILL NOT hand out cards after the event has begun. After the event is finished, you hand the filled-out card back to the monitor. Monitors will NOT accept cards before the end of the event.

You will NOT get credit for an event if you arrive after it begins or leave before it ends.

You will only receive experience for seeing a show or performance once, even if it is the next year.

Students MAY NOT get Experience Credit for events that they participate in (Domino Players cannot get credit for a performance in which they act, direct, or work, orchestra members cannot get credit for events in which they play, etc.).

Students who complete the events by the end of their sophomore year will receive a “Q” on their transcript.

Students who do NOT complete their Experience requirement by the end of the sophomore year will receive an “I” (incomplete) on their transcript.

Students who complete the Experience requirements by the end of their junior year will have the “I” replaced by a “Q.”

Students who do NOT complete the Experience by the end of the junior year will have the “I” replaced by an “F.” The “F” will not be calculated into the GPA, but will remain permanently on the student’s record.

Students who complete the Experience events by the end of their senior year will have Experience listed a second time (as if they took the course a second time) with a “Q.”

Students who do not complete the Experience events will not graduate.

Your advisor can access a list on IQ Web with the number of events you have completed.
Kelly Tanger, the administrative assistant in the CFA, also has a list of how many and which events you have attended.

Students are rarely (almost never) given exemptions from the experience. If for some reason you feel you must try, you must make a written request by email to the chair of the Experience Committee (John Pankratz, explaining and justifying your request. The email must also be copied to your advisor or it will not be considered. Then, your letter will be distributed to the Experience Committee and a decision will be made. You will be notified of the decision of the committee within two weeks.

In order to become a monitor you must have completed the required number of experience events, then talk to the CFA secretary. It is a paid position.

Calendar of Events

*For tickets/prices, call the Box Office at 610-921-7547


November 2017

Candide music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Nov. 2-4, 8 p.m.; Nov. 5, 2 p.m., Wachovia Theatre, directed by Jeffrey Lentz, additional lyrics by Leonard Bernstein, Lillian Hellman, John Latouche and Stephen Sondheim, book by Hugh Wheeler (based on the satire by Voltaire)Monty Python meets Grand Opera in Leonard Bernstein’s brilliant musical adaptation of Voltaire’s satire in which a young Candide and his friends, Cunegonde, Paquette, Maximillian, Dr. Pangloss, and an old lady (with one buttock), endure one hilarious catastrophe after another as they journey around the world in search of the meaning of life in this “best of all possible worlds.”

Talkback and Reception, Nov. 2, follows show
Albright Improv Show, Nov. 3, follows show, Roop Hall

Business of Fashion Forum*
Nov. 4
8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Roessner Hall, $10

Join us for a day of informative sessions and networking with alumni and regional industry leaders in design, merchandising and marketing. Includes lunch and additional break-out sessions in the morning and afternoon with a closing keynote by TBD.

Clinica de Migrantes
Nov. 8
7-9:15 p.m., CFA 235

We will be screening a film called Clnica de Migrantes, which investigates the intersection between immigration and health care through the work of Puentes de Salud, a volunteer-run network of clinics providing preventive care to the Latino community of South Philadelphia. There will be a discussion to follow with faculty and Dr Larson who runs the clinic in Philadelphia.

Liberal Education and Freedom
Nov. 9
4:30-6 p.m., Wachovia Theater

Mellon Foundation lecture from Professor Roosevelt Montás of Columbia University; he will explore of how the humanities and liberal arts help equip students for their futures.

The French Education System: Cultural Specificities and National Challenges
Nov. 9
7-8 p.m., CFA 235

Chloe Grosse, visiting instructor of French, will discuss various aspects of the French education system, including how education in France is turned towards Europe and the world (students start learning a foreign language in elementary school, for instance). Additionally, students have to specialize as soon as they graduate from high school and, therefore, select their university according to their career plans. Other points of interest will be the relationship between professors and students and student life at the university.

AAS presents Dynasty Fashion Show
Nov. 11
8 a.m.-12 p.m., McMillan Student Center Main Lounge

This event was first created to provide a platform for fashion designers within the Albright community. It is also a show for students who have their own brand to showcase and spread the word about it. The show features performances from students, clubs such as Xion and Carribean Culture Club and outside Greek life. This Fashion show will display school spirit, student fashion, African American culture and student talent which helps bring the African American community closer.

Albright Idol
Nov. 11
7 p.m., MPK Chapel

Lion Enterprises is hosting their annual Albright Idol artist showcase. The event will feature Lion Enterprises artists performing their original compositions for a panel of music industry professionals.

Mathematics Colloquium
Nov. 14
4-5 p.m., CCM 100C

Introduction to Knot Theory The event is an academic presentation on Knot Theory. Knot theory is a subbranch of topology which studies how a closed loop can be embedded in three dimensional space. The presenters will explain their research on this very interesting topic.

Understanding Diversity A Community’s Conversation
Nov. 15
4-5 p.m., Klein Lecture Hall

Join the Council for an Inclusive, Thriving, and Equitable Community for a discussion of racial and ethnic diversity on the Albright campus, in the Reading community, and beyond. This event will include student-led and student-centered activities that focus on opening dialogue about diversity and promoting open conversation that incorporates all points of view.

Facul-Tea: Do environmental knowledge and pro-environmental worldviews correlate with pro-environmental behavior?
Nov. 16
4-5 p.m., Gingrich Library Group Study Room A/B

Dr. Brian Jennings will explore the change in environmental knowledge,behaviors and worldviews of three cohorts of Albright students.

Big Cat Jazz Concert
Nov. 17
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Symphonic Band Concert
Nov. 18
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Albright Horror Story
Nov. 18
5 p.m., Roop Hall

Nov. 19
1 p.m.. Roop Hall

Admission Fee: $7.00 cash/student charge
This year Club Vogue’s Annual fashion show, we invite you for a night of Fashion and Fear. Inspired by the popular television series, American Horror Story, Albright Horror Story is here to show you some spine-chilling style and creepy couture.

Sunday Sinfonia at Albright College
Nov. 19
3 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Jim: The James Foley Story
Nov. 20
4-6:30 p.m., Klein Lecture Hall

A documentary about American photojournalist James Foley, killed by ISIS in 2014, which explores why he chose to dedicate his life to documenting armed conflicts and telling the stories of their victims.

The Rwandan Genocide: A Survivor’s Story
Nov. 28
4:30-5:30 p.m., CFA 235

In 1994, Eugenie Mukeshimana survived the Rwandan genocide by hiding with her infant daughter, who she gave birth to during the genocide. In 2010, she founded the Genocide Survivors Support Network, a nonprofit organization that provides support to genocide survivors and educates communities about genocide. In this public event she will tell her story of surviving the genocide and what this can teach us about justice, forgiveness, gender-based violence, and how we remember and memorialize human rights abuses.

Raman Spectroscopy as a Probe of Single Molecules and Chemical Reactivity
Nov. 30
4:30-5:30 p.m., Science Center room 256

Glassy materials are a non-crystalline, amorphous materials with a wide variety of technological and practical uses. The frequency with which particular structural units appear varies according to the composition of the glass. Changes in the composition alter the favored structural units and, consequently, alter the physical and chemical properties of the glass. A series of alkali borate and borosilicate glasses was fabricated and their structures were characterized via Raman spectroscopy. Significant structural changes were observed as a function of the alkali modifier. Additionally, the chemical reactivity of these materials was examined by studying their reactivity in the presence of acidic media.

Spain and Catalonia: Where Do They Go from Here?
Nov. 30
7-8 p.m., Klein Lecture Hall

Spain is a nation of nations, and the secessionist movement of one of its wealthiest region, Catalonia, has been in the news for much of 2017. Americans may well see a reflection of our own current political environment in Spain’s polarization and division. This interactive talk will provide historical, cultural, linguistic, and administrative context that will lead to a fuller understanding of the unfolding crisis of democracy in Spain.

December 2017

Albright College Dance Team Recital
Dec. 2
7:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre

The Albright College Dance Team will be performing a series of dances, while collecting donations for Berks County Toys for Tots. The dances are team-choreographed, and will be performed by the ACDT.

An Evening with Mr. Bob Button: Mercury and Apollo Programs NASA Administrator
Dec. 5
4:30-6:45 p.m., McMillan Student Center South Lounge, West

An Evening with Mr. Bob Button: Mercury and Apollo Programs NASA Administrator Mr. Button, will discuss his incredible experiences as a NASA Administrator (Mercury to Apollo Programs), an accomplished pilot, a friend of all eight original astronauts and one of the closest friends of Neil Armstrong.

Xion Show
Dec. 8
7:30 p.m., Wachovia Theater

Sounds of the Season, a Choral Concert
Dec. 9
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Celebrate the music of the holidays with Albright’s four choral ensembles — Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s Chorale.

January 2018

Joan Linder, Operation Sunshine
Jan. 23 – April 8, Freedman Gallery (MG & Foyer)

Artist Lecture, Jan. 25, 4-5 p.m., Klein Lecture Hall
Opening Reception, Jan. 25, 5-7 p.m.

The exhibition highlights Linder’s most recent body of work, which explores toxic waste sites in Buffalo, Tonawanda, and Niagara Falls, New York. Linder’s initial work focused on the Love Cana neighborhood along the Niagara River. During the 1940s, the Hooker Company dumped over 20,000 tons of toxic waste on this 36-square block locale. In 1978, the ill-health of its residents came to light, and subsequently, families were forced out of their homes and the community was demolished. Following a Superfund cleanup, what remains visible is a wasteland of grass-covered mounds surrounded by a chain-link fence. In the exhibition, the drawings expand to include radioactive waste sites in western New York that were a result of the Manhattan Project activity. Linder uses drawing to consider how history can get buried: as artifacts and chemicals in the ground, and as documents in the archive. The act of drawing becomes a way to slow down and pay attention anew to the damage and history that has become hidden in plain sight.

Date Safe: Can I Kiss you?
Jan. 29
6 p.m., Bollman Center
Featuring Mike Dormitz

More students taking these actions would result in you having greater support to create continual, positive changes in your school and community. You would have students wanting to get involved in efforts to impact your community. A larger number of survivors would be aware of their options and the occurrence of sexual assault would be reduced.

February 2018

6th Annual Albright Improv Festival*
Feb. 3
Join us for a day of laughter and learning with improvisational comedy troupes from Yocum Institute, West Chester University, and Drexel University, joined by Albright Improv, along with a very special headliner. The afternoon’s roundtable, “Serious Comedy,” will focus on how comedy can compel us to confront matters of great importance.

Workshop, 12-4 p.m., Roop Hall, Green Room
Mini-Conference, 4-5:30 p.m., Roop Hall
Showcase*, 7 p.m., Roop Hall, $5

Facul-Tea: Spanish 101 for the Liberal Arts: The Making of an Open-Source Textbook
Feb. 8
4 p.m., Library Group Study Room A/B

Lennie Amores, Ph.D. will present on the open source Spanish textbook she and Professor Janice Rodriguez are currently drafting. The textbook project seeks to bridge the liberal arts foundation of Albright college with the practical communication skills and interdisciplinary transcultural knowledge students gain from learning foreign languages. Refreshments will be provided. Presented by the Gingrich Library.

The Unique Role of Analytical Chemistry in the Specialty Steel Industry Lecture
Feb. 8
4:30 p.m., Science 256

Take a walk through a local steel mill, as seen through the eyes of a chemist. The ancient question of “Will I ever need to use this in the real world?” will be answered “yes” for the entire freshman chemistry text book.

Bill Murray Knows Coffee
Feb. 15
4 p.m., Klein Hall

William Murray ’83, President and CEO of the National Coffee Association, will speak about his experience as a lobbyist for the coffee industry .

Since graduating from Albright in 1983, William “Bill” Murray has worked for Hollywood, the Public Relations Profession and the Coffee Industry. Murray is President and CEO of the National Coffee Association, the industry’s chief trade group. Previously, Murray was Chief Executive Officer of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the world’s largest professional society for public relations practitioners and Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer at the Motion Picture Association of America. He earned an M.B.A. from The Thunderbird School of Global Management and a B.A. in Business & English from Albright College. He earned the Certified Association Executive designation from the American Society of Association Executives and was named the Outstanding Association Executive of the Year by the New York Society of Association Executives.

Facul-Tea: New Century, New Forums: Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Literary Screens
Feb. 15
4 p.m., Library Group Study Room A/B

What happens to literature in an age of screens? Arcana Albright, Ph.D.’s presentation considers how critically acclaimed novelist Jean-Philippe Toussaint answers this question by examining a variety of his literary projects that engage head-on the intersection between literature and the screen. From book to screen adaptations to a theatrical production featuring enormous screened video, not to mention a novel entitled La Télévision and a multimedia exhibit at the Louvre LIVRE/LOUVRE, the place of the book in a universe of visual projections onto screens constitutes a core preoccupation of Toussaint’s work. As he explores non-literary forms, Toussaint demonstrates that literature not only can survive but can thrive in an age of screens. Indeed, Toussaint’s work showcases the screen’s ability to illuminate and extend the literary experience. Refreshments will be provided. Presented by the Gingrich Library.

V-Day Albright College (The Vagina Monologues)
Feb. 16-17, 7 p.m.; Feb. 18, 2 p.m., Roop Hall

The Vagina Monologues is an all-female casted show featuring monologues by Eve Ensler, the V-Day movement pioneer. It includes pieces surrounding topics of sexual and domestic violence as well as sexual intelligence. An artistic approach to activism that drives the reality of this issue into our own communities.

WXAC Battle of the Bands
Feb. 17
7 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Attention Student Musicians! My name is Avery Foster and I am the Program Director at WXAC 91.3 FM Albright College Radio, based in Reading. WXAC is hosting our first annual Battle of the Bands on Feb. 17 and we are extending an invitation to students from Albright College, Alvernia University, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania State University in Berks and Reading Area Community College! By auditioning, you will have a chance to compete for prizes. The top three artists will win a chance to perform live on-air at WXAC and have their content played and promoted through our web pages and over our air waves! To apply, you will need to complete an application form providing your personal and artist information. Since we want to hear the real you, originals are preferred. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 10! If you are interested in performing, please complete the application form and send it to: We can’t wait to hear your sound!

Tropical Ecology of Costa Rica
Feb. 19
7 p.m., Science 256

A report from Río de Sueños. Students who participated in the Tropical Field Ecology course at Albright’s Río de Sueños field study property in Costa Rica will report on research conducted in January 2018.

Facul-Tea: Opening the Secret Files: New Perspectives on British Views of Indian Language and Politics
Feb. 22
4 p.m., Library Group Study Room A/B

Shreeyash Palshikar, Ph.D. will discuss the results of a summer 2017 research trip to the United Kingdom that included reading declassified documents related to India’s language policies in Britain’s National Archives. It will introduce language politics in India, discuss colonial views and post-colonial views, and identify how these views changed over time. Refreshments will be provided. Presented by the Gingrich Library.

Almost, Maine by John Cariani*
Feb. 22-24, 8 p.m.; Feb. 25, 2 p.m., Wachovia Theatre, directed by Matt Fotis
One cold, clear Friday night in the middle of winter, while the northern lights hover in the sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in the strangest ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. Love is lost, found, and confounded. And life for the people of Almost, Maine will never be the same.

Talkback and Reception, Feb. 22, follows show
Albright Improv Show, Feb. 23, follows show, Roop Hall

March 2018

American Landscape, a Choral Concert
March 3
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

The Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s

Facul-Tea: Clergy and Contraception: Religious Responses to Contraception in the Post-War United States
March 8
4 p.m., Library Group Study Room A/B

Samira Mehta, Ph.D. will talk about how the clergy viewed contraception in the Post-War United States. Refreshments will be provided. Presented by the Gingrich Library.

The 14th Annual Richard J. Yashek Memorial Lecture
March 21
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Not Your Father’s Antisemitism
Lecture by Michael Berenbaum, Ph.D., American Jewish University
Why is antisemitism in the 21st century different from Nazi antisemitism or traditional antisemitism? Is the American Jewish community fighting the wrong battles? Join us and learn why those who refight the last war often lose the next one.

Michael Berenbaum, Ph.D. is the director of the Sigi Ziering Institute: Exploring the Ethical and Religious Implications of the Holocaust and a professor of Jewish Studies at American Jewish University in Los Angeles. He served as project director overseeing the creation of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, was the first director of its Research Institute, and was president and CEO of The Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. The author and editor of 20 books, he was also managing editor of the second edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica, a 22-volume body of work that won the Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association as the best reference work of the year.

Berenbaum just completed work on an exhibition at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati that opened to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. He is also developing the content for interactive programs and an expanded website for the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach and leading the development of an interactive online Holocaust and Jewish Identity curriculum with the Coalition for Initiatives in Jewish Education and the USC Shoah Foundation Institute.

His work in film includes serving as executive producer, historical advisor, consultant, interviewee and producer to more than 20 films, including three Academy Award winners. Free and Open to the Public.

LUNAFEST Film Festival
March 22
4 p.m., Center for the Arts

The American Association of University Women, Reading, PA Branch presents LUNAFEST, a festival of award winning short films by, for, and about women. Supporting women filmmakers through Chicken and Egg Pictures and educational projects and activities for Reading’s AAUW, this fundraising festival is dedicated to promoting awareness about women’s issues, highlighting women filmmakers, and bringing women together in community spirit.

4 p.m., Student Screening: A special college students’ screening (screening only, no reception) is available for FREE in the CFA, Room 235. Tickets can be reserved here by choosing the 4 p.m. screening time or call 610-777-0900 for more information.
6 p.m., Evening Reception: Open to the community in the CFA, Mezzanine. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. 7 p.m., Screening and Discussion of the nine short films in the Klein Lecture Hall.

Only 135 tickets are available, $25 in advance or $30 at the door (if available). You may secure your tickets in advance by purchasing them here until March 18. For further information, call 610-777-0900.

AAUW promotes equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research. Support us by supporting an entertaining and empowering LUNAFEST.

April 2018

Take Back the Night
April 4
7 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Worldwide, one in three women, and one in six men, experience some form of sexual violence or intimate partner violence. Take Back the Night is an international event designed to help bring an end to sexual, relationship, and domestic violence. This event is open everyone!

Understanding Heteronormativity and The LGBTQ Experience
April 5
4 p.m., Center for the Arts, Room 235

Beth Kiester, Ph.D. will be talking about the concept of heteronormativity followed by a twenty-minute film called Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” Is the Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be the Minority. Afterward, the LGBT Center of Reading will present a workshop which highlights the struggles, realities and possibilities for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Music Industry Interview 
April 6
8 p.m., Klein Lecture Hall

6th Annual Music Business Forum
April 7
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Roessner Hall

The sixth annual Music Business Forum will feature presentations with current music industry professionals, including: TBD. Lunch provided. FREE for Albright students and prospective students with advance registration required, $10 all others. Questions? Contact

Robert Macaire Goes to Rio: Caricature and Frenchness in 19th-Century Brazil
April 9, 2018
4 p.m., Center for the Arts, Room 235

The author proposes to talk about stereotypes and how these impacted visions of cultures in both Brazil and France.

Lion Enterprises Spring Concert Series
April 8
7 p.m., Memorial Chapel

The Lion Enterprises’ Spring Concert Series includes three shows from April to May. Each event features a new line-up of Lion Enterprises artists and a special guest performer.

Pedro Rivera, PA Secretary of Education Lecture
April 10
4 p.m., McMillan Student Center, South Lounge, Fireside

Pedro Rivera, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, will share stories about his experiences in education and address current issues facing the Pennsylvania education system. Q&A session will follow with refreshments.

Facul-Tea: For the Bible Tells Me So: Understanding the Impact of Religious Beliefs and State Policy Attitudes Towards LGBTQ Individuals
April 12
4 p.m., Library Group Study Room A/B

Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D. will be talking about ACRE research she conducted with a former student. What is the role of religious beliefs in shaping attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals? Additionally, what effect might policies have in mitigating or enhancing that effect? Their research suggests that religious beliefs and pro-equality policies act as a mechanism for what we believe and who we know which in turn have an effect on attitude formation. Refreshments will be provided. Presented by the Gingrich Library.

The Liar by David Ives adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille*
April 12-14, 8 p.m.; April 15, 2 p.m., Wachovia Theatre, directed by Julia Matthews.

“All the world’s a lie, and all the men and women merely liars,” so says Dorante, the charming young lawyer who can’t open his mouth without telling another whopper. Dorante quickly sets his romantic sights on the beautiful Clarice, or maybe it’s her best friend Lucrece. Which one is which? And which one is secretly engaged to his best friend? Falsehoods fly in this sparkling French comedy by Corneille, newly adapted by David Ives.

Talkback and Reception, April 12, follows show
Albright Improv Show, April 13, follows show, Roop Hall

Sunday Sinfonia at Albright College
April 15
3 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Big Cat Jazz Concert
April 20
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Symphonic Band Concert
April 21
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Green and Growing: Student Projects in Theatre
April 30
7:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre

May 2018

Emerging Voices from Domino Players Studio
May 2
7:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre

Scripts and project proposals due, February 23
Auditions, March 14 and other dates TBD

Albright’s Annual Fashion Showcase*
May 5
$5/$10 students advance/door, $10/$15 adult advance/door, $25 VIP advance only/reserved seating and private reception

Exhibition, 4-5:30 p.m., Roop Hall
Runway Show, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Wachovia Theatre
VIP Reception, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Freedman Gallery

Celebrate Spring, a Choral Concert
May 5
7:30 p.m., Memorial Chapel

Say farewell to the graduating seniors in Albright Angels, Concert Choir, Mane Men and Women’s Chorale in their final performance of the season.

Lion Enterprises Spring Concert Series
May 6
7 p.m., Center for the Arts, Mary Miss Amphitheater

Astro Lasso will be the guest performer, returning for an Albright performance, following sets performed by our talented student musicians.