Summer Session II | Albright College

Summer Session II

Course NumberTitleInstructorTimeCancelled?
BIO203B*Introduction to GeneticsHersperger, AdamONLINE
BUS310BOLOperations ManagementSaboori, FarhadONLINE
ECO105AOLPrinciples of EconomicsGhosh, SomaONLINE
ECO233BOLComparative EconomicsWilder, LisaONLINE
ENG135BOLArt of Short StoryTartaglia, JerryONLINE
ENG235BOLMonsters in Literature & FilmSpeese, JamesONLINE
MAT131BOLCalculus INawrocki, DavidONLINECancelled
MUS121BOLBlack Popular MusicLomanno, MarkONLINE
SOC101BOLIntroduction to SociologyBrown, CharlesONLINE
SPA102BOL**Elementary IIJohn, AdamONLINE


**SPA102BOL – This class meets with special dates from July 6 – August 5.

Course Descriptions

BIO203 Introduction to Genetics – An introduction to classical genetics, molecular genetics and evolution. Includes a major writing project designed to explore specific topics in genetics and evolution. There is NO LAB with BIO203A; this course DOES NOT COUNT AS A GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS-NATURAL SCIENCE.

BUS310 Operations Management – An introduction to concepts, principles, and practices of effective creation and distribution of goods and services. The focus of the course is on quantitative techniques for problems solving and decision making in a variety of strategic and tactical areas of operations management, including total quality management, forecasting, product design, process design and capacity planning, location planning, supply chain management, inventory control, and project management. Prerequisite: ECO207 Statistics.

ECO105 Principles of Economics – An introduction to the methodology of economics and basic principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The primary objective of this course is to provide a foundation for further study in economics. It also serves as an introduction to basic economics as a social science. ONLINE.GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS-SOCIAL SCIENCE.

ECO233 Comparative Economics – An important aspect of the trend toward the globalization of markets is that economic decisions and their outcomes are becoming increasingly intertwined and interdependent. This growing interdependence requires knowledge of the rules and institutional mechanisms by and with which other economies operate. Such knowledge has become a crucial economic resource, the use of which economic policymakers, industrial leaders, and individual firm managers can no longer do without. This course examines the various approaches and methods used to solve economic problems in a number of societies, both past and current, with a special emphasis on todayÆs key European and Asian economies. It analyzes the principles and institutions by which these economies have sought to improve their objectives of better resource allocation, technological progress, income distribution, and growth. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES CONNECTIONS-GLOBAL. Prerequisite: ECO105 Economic Principles.

ENG135BOL Art of Short Story – In this online four week writing course, which satisfies the Foundations requirement for General education, students will read, analyze, and write about short fiction. Plot, characterization, theme, and structure are several of the elements that will be examined in the short stories. They will learn to apply the elements of critical analysis, which is a skill that is applicable to most other college level courses. Stories by Science Fiction, Traditional, and Feminist writers are included. Students are expected to devote at least 15 hours per week to the work of this online course. It is not possible to complete the work on week ends only. Mid-week participation is required. The course is open to Accepted Incoming Students, High School Seniors, and matriculated students. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS: HUMANITIES.

ENG235B Monsters in Lit & Film – From Frankenstein and vampires to aliens and zombies, monsters have haunted our nightmares . . . and our literature. Of course, these monsters represent the fears of the societies from which they spring. This class will examine monsters in literature and film—how they represent ourselves, and our fears—and how and why we face those fears metaphorically in this literature. What makes monsters “scary?” How do they come to represent the “other?” And what happens when the monster is us? GENERAL STUDIES CONNECTIONS—HUMANITIES

MAT131 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I – Fundamental concepts of functions of one variable: limits, continuity, and differentiability. Derivative applications in curve stretching, related rates, and maxima-minima problems. Introduction to indefinite and definite integration including the fundamental theorem. This is the first course taken by students in a math or math-related curriculum. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS–QUANTITATIVE REASONING.

MAT132 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II – Continuation of Calculus I. Topics include transcendental functions, applications of integration including volumes, surface areas, arc length and work. Also covered are integration techniques, indeterminate forms, improper integrals, sequences and series, and Taylor’s theorem. Prerequisite: C- or higher in MAT 131

MUS121 Black Popular Music – This course surveys, investigates, and analyzes black popular music from the 19th century to the present, focusing on the main themes of creativity, technology, and performance. Through critical listening and analytical thinking skills, students will explore black popular culture as means of expression, communication, and collective identity, attending to issues of representation, identity, values, and aesthetics through a wide range of interdisciplinary sources and methodologies. We will cover major figures and genres – including artists in blues, jazz, R&B, funk, and rap – and discuss the impact of the music industry, audience reception, and cultural politics on these musicians and the communities to which they belonged. In addition to critical thinking to synthesize material, students will complete comparative analyses, relate individual lessons to key course themes, and connect the curriculum to their own experiences and musical listening practices. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS-HUMANITIES.

SOC101 Introduction – A general study emphasizing the concepts methodologies through which the sociologist investigates the nature of the social structure and the social processes related to individual behavior. Satisfies general studies social science requirement. ONLINE. FOUNDATIONS-SOCIAL SCIENCE.

SPA102 Elementary II – Continuation of 101. ONLINE Prerequisite: SPA 101. GENERAL STUDIES-FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Please note that there will be one required live meeting per week with the instructor through Zoom, an online videoconferencing platform. This meeting will last one hour.