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Special Summer-long Online Classes

PHI250OLBusiness EthicsAbrams, YuvalONLINE

Course NumberTitleInstructorTime
PSY100OLGeneral PsychologyHeberle, JuliaONLINE
PHY102OLModern Astronomy/LabBuerke, BrianONLINE
PSY205OLBiological PsychologyFeigenson, KeithONLINE
PSY206OLSocial PsychologySeidman, GwendolynONLINE
PHI250OLBusiness EthicsAbrams, YuvalONLINE

Course Descriptions

PSY100 General Psychology – This course introduces students to the broad discipline of psychology, focusing on theories and research explaining behavior. Major areas include, but are not limited to biopsychology, motivation, sensation, perception, learning, cognition, development, stress and health, personality, and psychopathology. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS-SOCIAL SCIENCE.

PHY102 Modern Astronomy/Lab – An exposition of a wide variety of topics in modern astronomy including celestial motion, stellar spectra and evolution, galaxies, solar systems, and cosmology. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATIONS-NATURAL SCIENCE

PSY205 Biological Psychology – A study of the neurobiological basis of behavior. The biological and evolutionary foundations of sensation and perception, emotions, sleep, memory, and mental health issues are examined. The nature-nurture debate is discussed as well as the extent to which the mind contributes to stress, sickness, and health. ONLINE. PREREQUISITE: PSY100 General Psychology

PSY206 Social Psychology – Social psychology is the scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in social situations. Topics covered include, perception of others and the self, prejudice, attitudes, social influence, group processes, attraction, altruistic behavior, and aggression. ONLINE. PREREQUISITE: PSY100

PHI250 Business Ethics – This course gives students a concise background in ethical reasoning and ethical theories and applies these theories to contemporary business practices. What is the relationship between the profitable and the ethical, between markets and morals? We will address this question by looking at current issues such as the moral bases of free markets and free societies, the impact of automation and digital technologies on workplaces, the social impact of advertising, and the environmental impact of our economic activity. ONLINE. GENERAL STUDIES CONNECTIONS-HUMANITIES