The Lions’ Edge

The Lion's Edge

The Lions’ Edge, Powered by Aviso, is coming to Albright in May!

Get ready for the Lions’ Edge, a new software platform that supports student success through improved communication and data analytics.  Advisors, support staff, and students will be able to share information quickly and facilitate timely intervention to provide the best opportunity for student success.

People, process, and technology working together!

Albright has a long history of building strong personal relationships with our students.  The introduction of the Lions’ Edge will further strengthen those relationships by allowing us to interact more easily as we utilize the technology platform that Aviso provides. Aviso offers a software solution that connects data from our current systems to more easily identify risk and predict student success.  The use of this technology solution, combined with our existing processes to support student success, will give us the ability to make an even greater difference in the lives of our students.

The Team

Your Lions’ Edge core team is made up of colleagues from across campus who have a vested interest in improving student success.  The team members are Michele Cramer, Julia Matthews, Rebecca Lemmel, Deb Baver, Jason Hoerr, Andrew Dell, and Derek Picone.  Our team has been working this semester to configure the Aviso software to the needs of Albright College, our faculty, and our students.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, you will learn about how Aviso aligns with Albright College’s Institutional Priorities and how this new system will help improve student success and retention.  Our team is excited about the major impact the Lions’ Edge will have on our community and, most importantly, on our students’ success!


If you have any questions about the Lions’ Edge or the Aviso software, please contact Michele Cramer for assistance.  You can also visit the Aviso website to learn more about our new software platform (