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Senior Thesis Proposal

2018-2019 Proposals

To the Student: Please complete all sections of this web form. You may enter your text using cut-and-paste right from your word processing software. When you click the “submit” button, below, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your Thesis Proposal. If you have any questions contact Dr. Christopher Catone at

Your Thesis Committee (your advisor and readers) will receive a copy of your Thesis Proposal and will be asked to sign off electronically. It is presumed that you have discussed your proposal with them and that the signature is simply a formality. Your Proposal is not valid until I have the three signatures. Remember that the Departmental Reader should be a faculty member from within your department and the College Reader should be a faculty member from outside your department. Please contact Dr. Catone with questions about this policy.

Deadline: All Thesis Proposals must be submitted electronically by Tuesday, September 18, 2018, or they may not be considered by the Honors Committee.

Note: If you wish to make changes, you may resubmit the form. Resubmitting this form will erase all previous submissions. Do not resubmit after the deadline.

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1. an account of how you became interested in the project

2. your goals for the project

3. a tentative hypothesis or thesis; for art/theatre projects, a contextualization of your goals

4. your proposed methods of inquiry

5. a summary of preliminary research

6. a preliminary bibliography

7. How does your project contribute to the field?

8. a timeline for the project containing a brief outline of monthly progress goals

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Future students interested in the Senior Thesis would benefit from reviewing your Thesis Proposal. By clicking “yes” you agree to the following statement. Rest assured that you lose no control over the intellectual content of your Thesis Proposal. We simply need permission to show student work to other students. Thank you for supporting the Honors Committee and your fellow Thesis students by agreeing to this. Your Thesis Proposal will be evaluated on its own merits; there will be no bias for or against your Thesis Proposals based on your response.

I hereby deliver, give, and transfer property, rights, interest in and legal rights thereto which I had, have, or may have concerning the Thesis Proposal described below to the Special Collections Department of the F. Wilbur Gingrich Library at Albright College as an unrestricted gift. While copyright privileges will remain with me, the author, all privileges to reproduce, disseminate, or otherwise preserve the Thesis Proposal are given to the Special Collections Department of the Gingrich Library. I place no restrictions on this gift and hereby indicate this by checking the appropriate box. And I agree that my electronic submission of this form constitutes my signature confirming my decision.

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By clicking the “submit” button below I agree that the Thesis Proposal presented above represents the same material submitted to my Thesis Committee (advisor and readers) and that it conforms to the Academic Policies of Albright College as found in the latest update of the College Catalog. I also recognize that this proposal will be reviewed by my Thesis Committee and the Honors Committee.