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Rubric Resources

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Rubrics can be used to assess just about any type of student work.  A rubric is a scoring tool that communicates the expectations of criteria that is relevant to an assignment or learning outcome. They give clear guidance to students about how their work will be evaluated and what is expected. Rubrics should be given when the assignment is presented to the student so students are clear about how their work will be graded. Rubrics are not just used for grading student work. They can also be used to determine if students are achieving program or department learning outcomes.

There are very helpful tools and resources online which can assist you in designing scoring rubrics and there are links to rubrics that have been developed that you can use or modify as needed. Don’t feel like you have to start from scratch – the rubric you need may already be developed and just need some minor adjustments to fit your situation. You can search the web to locate rubrics or try one of the resources below.

  • Rubistar was created with a Department of Education grant and been around for at least 10 years so the interface looks a little dated but don’t let that deter you from using this valuable tool.
  • Rubric maker is an online rubric generator which is published by