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Teaching and Learning Resources

Mission Statement

To support Albright’s faculty in their mission of being excellent teachers, the Assistant Dean for General Education and Faculty Development along with other departments on campus provides resources and support for faculty in all disciplines to enhance critical reflection on teaching and develop innovative pedagogies and curriculum that strengthen connections between teaching and learning.

Teaching & Learning

Faculty Development – Spring, 2023

Following the results of the Faculty Development survey and numerous informal conversations with members of the faculty, we have decided to center most of the development this Spring around the largest areas of concern for faculty:  Student Preparedness and Motivation/Engagement

  • Student Engagement
    The student profile has changed in the post-pandemic landscape. This session will incorporate Albright data to jumpstart our discussion on keeping our students engaged in the learning processes.  Learn about research-based practices and what is working in your colleague’s classrooms.
  • Read Your Homework! Strategies for Increasing Student Success with Long Readings
    There are many concerns about students who are showing up to class either without completing the assigned readings or only partially engaging with the text. Learn strategies that WORK to encourage students to be more successful, including strategic assessment, Hypothesis, and asynchronous discussions. Dorothy taking lead
  • Flux Pedagogy
    Explore educational approaches designed for the post pandemic learner. Flux Pedagogy takes a multifaceted approach to meeting the needs of our learners.  The session is based on the scholarship of Sharon Ravitch from UPenn, but has been modified for Albright’s unique circumstances.
  • AI Chatbots
    Faculty and interested staff are welcome to a session focusing on the new AI Chatbot technologies. Learn about what they are, how they work, and what impact they might have in your classroom. Strategies for reducing the impact of these will be shared and there will be time at the end to discuss and ask questions.
  • Turnitin Originality
    Faculty and relevant staff are invited to a training on our upgrade from Simcheck to their premium software, Turnitin Originality. Come learn how to implement the enhanced plagiarism checker and how it can support higher quality writing in your courses.

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Instructional Design and Technology

Albright provides a variety of technology for incorporation into the classroom and for other purposes such as scholarship and service.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER stands for Open Education Resources. OER are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse without charge.  Albright College has partnerships with Flatworld, Lumen Learning and others that provide free textbooks for our students.  Contact Digital Learning and Innovation for more information about use of OERs in your courses.

New Faculty Mentoring

The Faculty Mentoring program is a great way for new faculty members to gain insight from their colleagues about teaching, learning, life inside and outside of the classroom and to become familiar with the College in general.


Advising is a core faculty responsibility at Albright.

Fourth Hour of Quality

A statement regarding the nature of the Fourth Hour of Quality at Albright.

Summer Teaching and Learning Award

This award supports time invested in researching, developing, and implementing methods and materials to significantly enhance teaching and student learning in a specific course or courses.  

Experiential Learning and Career Development Center

The Center works with faculty to support students in the honors program, study abroad/off-campus, internships, service learning, undergraduate research, and in exploring concentrations and careers.

Course Development

Information to assist in course development, including guiding questions for curriculum approval and several sample statements.

Course Evaluations

Information to assist faculty and students in the course evaluation process.