Faculty Committees

Faculty Initiatives

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Campus-Wide Committees

Academic Appeals Board

Mission: The Academic Appeals Board (AAB) is a judiciary body that investigates, holds closed hearings, and renders decisions on student appeals referred to it by the chief academic officer in which students challenge the academic policies or actions of an instructor, a faculty committee or an academic administrator.

Members: David Osgood (Div. Rep.), Teresa Gilliams (Div. Rep.), Denise Meister (Div. Rep.), Brenda Ingram-Wallace(At-Large), Lesley Goodman (At-Large)

Affirmative Action Committee

Kim Hubric, Trudy ObazeeRodney WarfieldAndrew SamuelsonFarhad SabooriLisa WilderDave OsgoodDave NawrockiJohn  IncledonTeresa GilliamsAl CacicedoWayne VettlesonKennon Rice, Paula  TrimpeyBryce BrylawskiJulia Matthews, Kim JustesonMike GrossJason HoerrSheila HogueLois KubinakRachel Liberatore, Brenda  Mengel,  David TannerGeorge MissonisSandy StumpEmma AlvarezRay Weaver

Animal Care And Use Committee

Mission: Available online

Members: Bryce Brylawski (Chair), Keith FeigensonAndy SamuelsonJustin Couchman, Lisa Hain

Faculty Appeals Committee

Mission: To adjudicate (i) A variety of claims brought by teaching faculty concerning the terms of their employment, and(ii) Appeals by teaching faculty, administrators, staff or students as provided for in the Albright College Faculty Policy on Harassment and Abuse.

Membership: Bryce Brylawski (Div. Rep.), Jon Bekken (Div. Rep.), Lisa Wilder (Div. Rep), Chris Hamann (At-Large), Karen Jogan (At-Large)

Honorary Degree Committee/Teaching Awards Committee

Mission: To identify candidates of demonstrated accomplishment in the fields of arts, academia, business, science, medicine, theology, journalism and public service (to name a few) who represent the values Albright College wishes to nurture: highest personal integrity, humanitarianism and philanthropy.

Membership: David Osgood (Convener), Dan FalabellaArcana AlbrightMarsha Green, Kate Lehman, Lisa Hain

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Mission: To review all proposals for research involving human participants. This applies to Albright-sponsored projects off campus as well as projects done on campus.

Procedure: All proposals should be sent to the chair of the IRB. Two copies of the proposal are required. Electronic submissions of the proposal will also be accepted. However, the cover sheet with actual signatures of the researcher and faculty sponsors should be sent via campus mail. Additional information is available online.

Membership: Laura Gelety (Co-Chair), Bridget Hearon (Co-Chair), David TranSusan HughesLindsay Phillips,Trudy ObazeeWendy BartkusBrenda Ingram-WallaceGwen Seidman, Barty Thompson

Educational Policy Council (EPC)

Mission: To plan, initiate, assess and administer, in collaboration with the CAO, policies pertaining to the curriculum and teaching mission of the Albright College faculty.

Membership: Denise Greenwood (Chair), David Nawrocki (Div. Rep), Samira Mehta (Div. Rep), Elizabeth Kiester (Div. Rep), Janice Rodriguez (At-Large), Erin Ventresca (At-Large), Jennifer Koosed (At-Large), Matt Sonntag (At-Large), Rodney Warfield (Fall 2018 – At-Large), Doreen Burdalski (Spring 2019 – At-Large), Joe Thomas (ex-officio), Karen Campbell (ex-officio)


Curriculum Development

Mission: To supervise and advise EPC as to changes in curriculum, plan and assess academic programs, including course approval and graduation requirements; to promote the development of new courses and innovative curricular concepts; to assist faculty and departments in self-evaluation and the revitalization of older programs and the implementation of new ones; to support the development of honors courses and modules; to review petitions for individualized study programs; to assume additional functions at the request of the full faculty, the FEC or the EPC; in collaboration with the College Assessment Committee, to assess academic programs with a focus on continued improvement; and to work with the College Assessment Committee together to assist faculty and departments to develop a dynamic outcomes assessment plan for each concentration area and program.

Membership:  Heidi Mau (Chair), Kennon Rice, Devon MasonAl Cacicedo, Lesley GoodmanSue Seidenstricker, Dave Ballaban (ex-officio), Sandy Stump (ex-officio), Karen Campbell (ex-officio), Joe Thomas (ex-officio)

General Education Committee:

Mission: General Education constitutes the core of the Albright College of liberal arts educational experience. In support of the Mission of the College, each studetn is required to complete the general edcuation curriculum. The General Education Committee is charged with providing oversight and regular review of the general education curriculum to ensure that the curriculum continues to achieve its goals.

Membership: Adam John (Chair), Lennie Amores (Div. Rep), Michael Armato (Div. Rep), Bryce Brylawski (Div. Rep), Melissa Katz, Rob Seesengood, Joe Thomas (ex-officio)

Educational Management Subcommittees:

College Honors

Mission: Available online.

Membership: Keith Feigenson (Chair), Chris Catone (Senior Thesis Coordinator), Denise MeisterJustin CouchmanWill LindsayGwendolyn Seidman, Lennie AmoresArcana Albright

Experience Program Subcommittee

Mission: To support the College Cultural Experience Program (the Experience) with its mission to offer the student body and the larger Albright community access to a wide variety of cultural and intellectual events that highlight the linkages between the liberal arts classroom and the arts, society, politics and culture.

Membership: Melissa Katz (Director), Trudy Eguae-Obazee, Wil LindsayNick PiroKate Lehman, Jayanthi Rajan, Brian Glaze, Wayne Vettleson, Marsha Green

Health Science Subcommittee

Mission: TBA

MembershipKaren Campbell (Chair), Bryce BrylawskiFarhad Saboori,Rodney WarfieldMichele CramerHilary AquinoErin VentrescaHeidi MauJulia Matthews

Teacher Education

Mission: The Teacher Education Committee serves in an advisory capacity to Albright’s Teacher Certification Program and its Teacher Certification Officer. It screens candidates seeking entry into the Professional Semester, provides insights to aid in programmatic decision-making, and advises in the administration of Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations. The membership provides links among the Education Department, the Albright community, and Berks County N-12 schools.

Membership: Susan Seidenstricker (Chair), Doug StenbergMichael Hipple,  Richard HamwiDevon MasonRodney WarfieldSheila SimyakJoseph Thomas (ex-officio)

Enrollment Management

Mission: To review, with vice president for enrollment management, individual cases relevant to admission of students; to coordinate and promote all matters pertaining to faculty involvement in recruiting and retaining students, advising students, and in setting admissions and financial aid priorities; to review, with the registrar, individual cases relative to student’s graduation requirements; to represent the faculty in any campus-wide discussions of admissions and enrollment matters; to seek new ideas for improving enrollment management and to promote faculty understanding of enrollment goals and faculty participation in enrollment strategy; to review, with the registrar, individual cases relative to a student’s academic standing; to assume additional functions at the request of the faculty, the FEC, or the EPC; to make decisions regarding student requests for exceptions to graduation requirements; and to oversee financial aid.

Membership:  Lawrence Morris (Convener), Julia Matthews, MeeAe Oh-Ranck, Adam OwenzBridget HearonMaria MelendezBrenda Ingram-WallaceKennon Rice, Brian Glaze, Matthew Sonntag, Chris Hanlon (ex-officio), Samantha Wesner 

Graduate Council

Mission: To supervise, plan and assess graduate academic programs, including course approval and degree requirements; to promote the development of new graduate courses and innovative graduate curricular concepts; to assist faculty and departments in self-evaluation and the revitalization of older graduate programs and the implementation of new ones; and to assume additional functions at the request of the full faculty, the FEC or the EPC.

Membership:  Guillaume de SyonSusan SeidenstrickerRodney WarfieldJoseph Thomas (ex-officio), Sandy Stump (ex-officio)

Information Development

Mission: To advise the EPC and FEC on information technology, educational technology and library policies and to assess the implementation of these policies at Albright College; to coordinate and promote the maintenance and upgrading of information, computer and communication services at Albright College; and to facilitate the sharing of computer technology, or library information campus-wide, including the development of library resources, delivery mechanisms and services, the enhancement of bookstore services, the creation of news networks and communication options, the upgrading of faculty literacy pertaining to information and library services, and the more efficient incorporation of information education technology and capabilities into the classroom.

Membership: Suzanne Palmer (Convener), Jayanthi RajanBonnie RohdeDavid Tran, Kennon RiceNick PiroHeidi Mau

Undergraduate Research Committee

Mission: TBA

Membership: Matt Fotis (Dir / Chair), Julia Heberle (Div. Rep. / Honors liason), Kristen Woodward (Div. Rep.), Keith Feigenson (Div. Rep), Brittany Shelton (Div. Rep), MeeAe Oh-RanckDavid Osgood, Lisa Wilder, Nick Piro

Community Standards Board

Mission: TBA

Membership: TBA

Honors and Awards
Mission: The faculty Comittee on Honors and Awards seeks to bring together the perspectives of faculty and staff in selecting students for special honors, and stages an end-of-the-year Ceremony that recognizes the academic achievements, cultural contributions, and service of a wide range of outstanding students. Additionaly, it advises the President on the selection of a student Commencement Speaker.

Membership: Teresa Gilliams (Chair), John PankratzKaren JoganDavid OsgoodKate LehmanKeith Feigenson, Kristen Woodward, Adam Owenz, Christian Hamann

Athletic Advisory Committee
Mission: To represent the faculty and its concerns with the athletic department’s program regarding sports offerings, staffing of the athletic teams, and issues relating to Albrights role in Division 3 of the NCAA.

Membership:  Richard Schott(Convener), Sue PalmerBarty Thompson, Denise Meister, John Pankratz

MultiFaith Center Board

Mission: To reach out to all persons, helping them to practice their particular traditions on campus and exploring appropriate openings for genuine multifaith cooperation and ministerial partnership.

Membership:  TBA (Chaplain), Jennifer KoosedPaula Trimpey (Convener), Christian Hamann

Faculty Executive Committee

Mission: To serve as the central liaison and representative of the teaching faculty to the administration and to the trustees of Albright College. As such, the FEC is to act on behalf of the faculty in cases of emergency or when it is impossible to convene a quorum of the entire faculty. The FEC also coordinates the work of the other committees in the system of faculty governance, acting as a clearinghouse for committee reports, referring new issues to the appropriate council or subcommittee, and setting the agenda for deliberations and decisions to be undertaken by the full faculty. The administration and the FEC will consult regularly and in a timely manner whenever changes in the College’s educational programs or policies are envisioned.

Membership: Jon Bekken(Chair), Abigail McGovern (PC), Denise Greenwood (EPC), Denise Meister (CITE-C Rep), Hilary Aquino (SPSAC Chair), Carla Abodalo (Div. Rep),Patricia Turning (Div. Rep), Pamela Artz (Div. Rep), Shreeyash Palshikar (At-Large), Chuck Brown (Fall 2018- At-Large), Arcana Albright (Spring 2019- At-Large), Karen Campbell (ex-officio)


Faculty Budget

Mission: To represent the Albright faculty in regular meetings with the president, the CAO, and/or the vice president for administration and finance to consider the development of annual budgets, faculty salaries, and other financial interests of the College.

Membership: Pam Artz (Chair/Div. Rep), Patricia Turning (Div. Rep), Carla Abodalo (Div. Rep), Farhad SabooriMichael Armato,  Roberto Mandanici