The Task Force on Faculty Roles and Responsibilities – Albright College

The Task Force on Faculty Roles and Responsibilities

The Task Force reported to the Professional Council while it was active between 2009 and 2012. It was created as part of the Sloan Grant for Faculty Flexibility and charged with examining the recommendations of Dean’s Seminars on work-life balance, collecting and examining faculty input on these topics, reviewing best-practices and developing a clear definition of faculty “work” at Albright. Their findings and recommendations will help to create a new faculty evaluation system. The Task Force also helped to streamline and revise the Faculty Governance Guide. The goal of the task force was to create an improved system at Albright that will foster intellectual creativity, scholarship, and exchange for all of Albright’s professoriate. Their work culminated in a final report to the faculty which recommends changes to faculty workload including policies, governance, and scholarship among others. This report is currently being reviewed by the faculty.