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The Sage House

The Alfred P. Sloan Sage House for Retired Faculty

Retiree office space at Albright began with individual offices located on the third floor of Selwyn Hall. This rather lonely space is difficult to get to with no elevator. Because we wanted Albright’s retired faculty to have a meaningful connection to the campus, with the help of the Sloan Grant for Faculty Career Flexibility, the Sloan committee was able to secure office space in the building formerly called Rockland Professional Center which is now Roessner Hall The Center for Business and Civic Leadership. When renovation plans took effect for the Rockland Center, with the assistance of the College’s Sloan Grant for Faculty Retirement Transitions, awarded in late 2011 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the American Council on Education, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine procured a campus-owned house situated between student dorms and the Public Safety office. Not only did this provide more space for our retired faculty to work and relax, it offered a more relaxed atmosphere than what was available in the Rockland building.

The Alfred P. Sloan Sage House for Retired Faculty, named for a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is also known as “The Sage House.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sage is “a man of profound wisdom; esp[ecially] one of those persons of ancient history or legend who were traditionally famous as the wisest of mankind; hence, one whose exceptional wisdom entitles him to a degree of veneration like that which was accorded to these” (reference). We have chosen to honor our retired faculty with this complimentary title to their office space. They are our esteemed sages.

When the Albright Retirement Community (ARC) was formed, it seemed that The Sage House was a natural place for them to meet and hold social events. Thus, since its creation in early 2015, ARC has been using the house to maintain a connection with the larger Albright community, to help foster a connection to Albright faculty and employees who have already retired, and to make plans for the organization. So, in addition to being a place to do work and relax, The Sage House is becoming a vibrant campus venue.