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Mid Career

Tenure & Promotion

Upon the approval of the Board of Trustees, tenure track faculty may be granted tenure after the probationary period of at least six years. The probationary period for full-time tenure-track faculty should not exceed 6 years of service except in cases of stopping the tenure clock. In certain circumstances, new faculty may be granted years of service for work done at other educational institutions.


Sabbaticals are available to full-time faculty at the rank of at least assistant professor every six years. Sabbaticals are granted when the research is found to be beneficial for both the College and the faculty member. When the faculty member returns, he or she presents on the activities at an on-campus forum in order to share the work with the campus community.

Travel Allowances

Each year, the Chief Academic Officer allots funds for faculty travel and meeting reimbursements. These funds may be requested through an expense report indicating the justification for the funds without prior approval by the Controller’s Office. The expense report must be filed with the Chief Academic Officer.

Professional Development Grants & Leaves

Faculty development grants are awarded by the Professional Council, and application for funds is especially encouraged by those faculty who have never received a development grant. The purposes of the faculty development grants range from publication costs and conference participation to graduate course work taken in order to assist in the development of courses at Albright. More information can be found here.