Late Career – Albright College

Late Career

Upon promotion to the rank of professor, faculty members are invited to discuss the arc of their careers and the changing roles and responsibilities of this position with their chairs and key administrators with the goal of assembling a professional development plan that focuses on the faculty member’s own interest and skill. Not only do we desire our faculty to be successful at this stage of their careers, we wish to recognize and honor them for their dedication to their students and the College.

Phased Retirement Program

The Phased Retirement Program allows full-time faculty who have served the College for at least 10 years and have reached the age of 60 to choose between two plans that are implemented over course of three years. The plans consist of a reduction in course load and a reduction in monetary compensation while continuing to benefit from other forms of compensation such as participation in TIAA-CREF and health insurance coverage as well as other benefits for full-time faculty. For more specific information, please see the full policy by clicking the link above.

Becoming Emeritus

Full-time tenured members of the faculty who have served the College for at least ten years in a full-time teaching capacity at the rank of Assitant Professor or higher will be given Emeriti status upon full retirement.

Retirement Privileges

On a space available basis, retired faculty are provided on-campus office space, access to campus events and facilities such as the Schumo Center and the library, access to the computer system and tuition remission, and assistance with grant research and applications. Retired faculty are also able to access the library’s online databases from a remote location.

The Legacy Program

As part of the second round of Sloan grants, this one for Faculty Retirement Transitions, the College developed The Legacy Program, which enables a faculty member who has set a retirement date or pledged to begin phased retirement, to complete a scholarly project. Click the link above for the application.

The Alfred P. Sloan Sage House for Retired Faculty

Retiree office space at Albright began with individual offices located on the third floor of Selwyn Hall. This rather lonely space is difficult to get to with no elevator. Because we wanted Albright’s retired faculty to have a meaningful connection to the campus, with the help of the Sloan Grant for Faculty Career Flexibility, the Sloan committee was able to secure office space in the Rockland Professional Center, situated close to The Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being. However, this space, too, seemed somewhat removed from the community. When renovation plans took effect for the Rockland Center, with the assistance of the College’s Sloan Grant for Faculty Retirement Transitions, awarded in late 2011 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the American Council on Education, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine procured a campus-owned house situated between student dorms and the Public Safety office. Not only did this provide more space for our retired faculty to work and relax, it situated them closer to the more active parts of campus and offered a more relaxed atmosphere than what was available in the Rockland building.