Faculty Leave Policies – Albright College

Faculty Leave Policies

Throughout your career at Albright, you may take as many leaves as desired. This leave time counts towards years of service to the College, but the tenure clock is automatically stopped during the leave. In addition to the leave policies listed below, leaves include unpaid medical leave, unpaid child-care and family-care leaves, and unpaid personal leaves.

The Family Leave Policy for Full-time Faculty

Full-time faculty who have been with the College for at least one year are eligible to take a two-course reduction in teaching load without a reduction in benefits or pay provided that the faculty member is the primary caregiver for a child, parent or domestic partner. The leave may be taken in a variety of ways and exists to supplement the Federal Family Medical Leave Act.

Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbaticals are available to full-time faculty at the rank of at least assistant professor every six years after the granting of tenure. Sabbaticals are granted when the research is found to be beneficial for both the College and the faculty member. When the faculty member returns, he or she presents on the activities at an on-campus forum in order to share the work with the campus community.

In addition to sabbaticals, Albright supports our faculty in their professional development in a variety of other ways. Grants and allowances for development and travel encourage our faculty to keep up to date in their fields of study. We also offer professional developement leaves that contribute to the enhancement of the faculty member’s professional growth in teaching, scholarship, creative achievement, and/or professional service. See the Faculty Handbook for more details.

Other Leaves

Faculty may take an unlimited number of leaves throughout the course of their careers at Albright. In addition to paid family medical leave and Sabbaticals, faculty members with over six months of service at the College have the option of taking unpaid medical, child care, family care, and personal leaves for the duration of up to one year. For more information, please contact Human Resources.