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Early Career

The Family Leave Policy for Full-time Faculty

Full-time faculty who have been with the College for at least one year are eligible to take a two-course reduction in teaching load without a reduction in benefits or pay provided that the faculty member is the primary caregiver for a child, parent or domestic partner. The leave may be taken in a variety of ways and exists to supplement the Federal Family Medical Leave Act.


Albright is a member of the New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylavia/Delaware Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), a collaborative that supports member institution in recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff through the sharing of information and resources.

Tenure Clock Stoppage

In the fall of 2010, the Tenure Clock Stoppage Policy was passed by the Faculty Executive Committee. This policy allows for faculty members who take certain leaves or upon request during a life event that may impede the progress towards tenure to stop the tenure clock for a period of two consecutive semesters, not to exceed one year. Faculty members interested in using this policy should contact the Provost, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine, in order to begin the process.

Tenure & Promotion

Upon the approval of the Board of Trustees, tenure track faculty may be granted tenure after the probationary period of at least six years. The probationary period for full-time tenure-track faculty should not exceed 6 years of service except in cases of stopping the tenure clock. In certain circumstances, new faculty may be granted years of service for work done at other educational institutions.

Shared Positions

Albright enables two similarly qualified faculty members to share one full-time position thus increasing career flexibility. The two faculty members are expected to contribute equally to teaching, scholarship, and service over the span of their careers. For more information, please contact Dr. Joseph Thomas.