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Instructional Supplies

In order to obtain instructional and/or basic office supplies, please see your building secretary. If the secretary does not have what you need, he or she may be able to order it for you. Below is a list of building secretaries with contact information.

Center for the Arts

Kristy Kline
Secretary for The Center for the Arts
Serves the Art, Music, and Theatre Departments
Phone:  (610) 921-7715
CFA Room 124

Selywyn Hall

Phone:  (610) 929-6768
SELN Room 211

Alumni Hall

Phone:  (610) 921-7779
AH Room 312

Masters Hall

Kelly Tanger
Secretary for Masters Hall
Serves English, History, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Modern Foreign Languages and Literature
Phone:  (610) 921-7810
MH Room 126

Roessner Hall

Debbie Eckroth
Secretary for Roessner Hall
Serves Economics & Business, Accounting, and Political Science
Phone:  (610) 921-7882
TH Room 116

Teel Hall

Cindy Becker
Secretary for Teel Hall
Serves Psychology
Phone: (610) 921-7538

Merner-Pfeiffer Klein Chapel

Trudy Pruztman
Secretary for Merner-Pfeiffer Klein Chapel
Serves Philosophy and Religious Studies
Thirteenth & Bern Streets
Phone:  (610) 921-7716

The Science Center

Nancy Kerper
Secretary for The Science Center
Serves Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, and Physics
Thirteenth & Bern Streets
Phone:  (610) 921-7720