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Bookstore Services

The College Bookstore, located on the main floor of the Campus Center, serves as a one-stop shop for students. In addition to providing textbooks, course materials, and school supplies, the store also carries a variety of other products, including school spirit apparel and gift items to accommodate the entire College community.

Faculty are asked to use Faculty Enlight to submit adoptions for books and other instructional materials used for courses. Due to the volume of orders processed, it is requested that Faculty adhere to deadlines when submitting their adoptions. The Bookstore manager shall inform Faculty at least four weeks prior to the deadline date. The response due date will be communicated clearly throughout the adoption period, and the manager will contact faculty directly if orders are not provided.

Updates regarding new editions or unavailable titles will be provided as quickly as possible. Any material changes made by Faculty should be communicated to the Bookstore promptly to prevent confusion or errors for students. It is the responsibility of Faculty members to request desk copies from the publishers. This can be accomplished by contacting the publisher directly or by using the desk-copy link available through Faculty Enlight.

All faculty and staff of the College receive a 20% discount on select merchandise purchased at the bookstore, excluding textbooks and gift cards.