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College Policies and Services


Faculty Security Responsibility

Faculty are asked to cooperate with Security by locking their office doors and closing all windows when they are the last person out of a room. Faculty are also asked to notify the Security Office when they are using offices and classrooms during non-regular hours. Personnel from Security make regular rounds throughout the day and night, but they need Faculty cooperation.

Scheduling Use of Facilities and Services

Should a Faculty member or an organization with which he/she works wish to schedule the use of campus facilities or services, this should be done with the following offices:  1) Conference Office, which coordinates the College calendar and schedules non-instructional facilities, 2) the Registrar’s Office which schedules the use of instructional facilities for all academic programs, and 3) the Director of Athletics who schedules the use of athletic facilities. These latter two offices communicate their scheduling assignments to the Conference Office so as to coordinate the entire calendar. The Conference Office identifies rental fees and other charges.

Travel Approval Procedure

All faculty must complete a travel approval form for any college related travel 50 or more miles from campus for insurance purposes at least two weeks prior to travel. Forms can be obtained from the building secretary or the Assistant to the Provost.

Cash Advances for Travel

The Department Chairperson and the CAO or his/her designate must approve requests for cash advances for travel. Such advances shall be charged to the individual’s account until an expense accounting has been received. Cash advances not cleared shall be considered salary advances and shall be taken from the second payroll following the advances.

Smoke-free Workplace Policy

It is the policy of Albright College to define restrictions on smoking in the workplace in order to promote employee safety and health.

Practices and Procedures

1. In the interest of promoting community-wide health and safety, use of smoking materials is prohibited inside campus buildings and on campus grounds, except in designated smoking areas (25 feet from entrance to campus buildings). Use of smoking materials refers to the lighting and smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other similar items.

2. Smoking is permitted during nonworking time periods in designated smoking areas. Designated smoking areas include specific areas outside the buildings. Smoking materials must be properly disposed of in ash cans provided. Nonworking time periods include lunch, breaks, or before or after work. Special “smoke breaks” are not permitted.

3. The Albright College Smoking Policy also applies to vendors, guests and visitors to our campus. The individual hosting the visitor is responsible for advising the visitor of the Smoking Policy.

4. Each supervisor is responsible for enforcing the Smoking Policy in his or her respective area. Disregard for smoking guidelines should be handled by discussions or warning as defined in our Disciplinary Policy.

5. Any questions or disputes arising under this policy shall be referred to the appropriate Vice President and to the Director of Human Resources.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Albright encourages thoughtful decision-making regarding the use of alcoholic beverages and strongly supports those persons who decide to abstain from such use. In light of our present knowledge of their destructive effect on the lives of abusers, we do not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages. In support of this position, the College shall continue an aggressive program of education regarding responsible use and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from classrooms and faculty offices.

Policies and regulations concerning the use of alcoholic beverages by students are found in the student handbook, The Compass.

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Albright college complies with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. The Act requires most federal government contractors, as well as recipients of federal grants, to take specific steps to ensure a drug-free workplace. A central provision of the Act requires employers to prepare and distribute an anti-drug policy statement prohibiting any drug-related activity in the workplace. This legislation covers all organizations that receive federal grants regardless of grant size. Albright College has a drug policy that is available through the Office of Human Resources.

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