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Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Academic Affairs Faculty Resources page where you will find many resources for your daily and occasional needs.  Links for the following Faculty Resources can be found on this page:

  • Examples of Dept. Scholarship

Faculty Resources for Understanding Academic Citizenship

Often hidden from the view of the public, academic citizenship or service is an integral part of faculty work. This work is obscure most of the time yet still highly valued by faculty and administration alike. Without it, the College could not function. Below are some links that will assist you in this honorable work.

Internal Resources


Academic Program Review

Faculty Support and Resources for Academic Advising

Academic advising is a core faculty responsibility at Albright.

Academic Resources

Advising Responsibilities

Advising Resources

The National Academic Advising Association Resources

Course and Program Development Resources

Curriculum Proposal Forms

Course-Related Policies

Sample Syllabus Statements

The following examples of syllabus statements can be found on the above link:

  • Content of Course Syllabi
  • Sample Syllabus Statement of Class Recording Policy
  • Sample Syllabus Statements on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sample Syllabus Statement of Official Grade Policy
  • Sample Syllabus Attendance Statement
  • Sample Syllabus Statement on the Fourth Hour of Quality
  • Sample Syllabus Statement on Library Services

Department Chair Resources

Internal Resources

External Resources

Faculty Contract & Performance


Travel Forms Monetary Forms Other Forms


***Forms for courses and other student forms are available on the Registrar‘s web page.

***Forms for Professional Development are available on the PC webpage***

Who’s Who in Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Staff

Karen Campbell, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Ph.D.: Indiana University (Vertebrate Physiology & Zoology)
  • M.Sc.: York University (Invertebrate Endocrinology & Biochemistry)
  • B.Sc.: Queen’s University (Biology & Zoology)

Angela M. Fonte,
Manager of Academic Affairs Administrative Services

Vicki H. Graff,
Executive Assistant to the Provost


General Education Program

Welcome to the “Faculty Toolbox” for Albright’s General Education program. Below you will find information from the General Education Committee (GEC) that will help you understand the details of the program and advise students. GEC looks forward to the continuing creativity of the faculty in building this general education curriculum. Please address questions you may have to Dr. Michael Armato, chair of the GEC, members of the Committee, or to the  Registrar.

General Studies Description and Outcomes

Advising Information for Faculty

General Education Courses Approved to Date

Approved Foundations Courses
Approved Connections Courses
Approved Synthesis Courses

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Albright Course Proposals

All submissions for course proposals including new courses, GE courses, revisions and deletions must be submitted through ProcessMaker software. See the links below for instructions to Processmaker and to the course proposal form.

There is no longer a need to get signatures from chairpersons and library liaisons – once the proposal is submitted through Processmaker it will be sent automatically to each responsible party in the process. As each person reviews and submits the proposal electronically, this will serve as a signature. Click here to view the proposal submission chain.

Please contact the help desk (7676) with any questions concerning the use of the ProcessMaker proposal form.

GEC 2022-23 Membership

  • Michael Armato, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science (chair)
  • Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology  (social sciences representative)
  • Ian Rhile, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (natural sciences representative)
  • Adam John, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French and Spanish (Director of Experience program)
  • Mike D’Errico, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music (arts & humanities representative)


Albright Grants Office
For all your grant writing needs, please visit the Albright Grants Office.

Professional Council
Faculty Development grants are available through the Professional Council.

Scholarship Circles
Scholarship circles encourage faculty scholarship and creative development through informal peer mentoring.

Council on Undergraduate Research
Albright College has an Enhanced Institutional Membership for CUR which means that any faculty, staff, or administrator can become a member AT NO COST!

Survey Monkey
Faculty members may create surveys through this platform in order to more effectively collect data.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
The IRB oversees and reviews all research done at Albright College that involves human subjects.

Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC)
ACUC oversees the use and are of animals in research and teaching.List of Approved Foundations Courses