Student Travel Funding Proposal Form

Please complete the Student Travel Proposal form below. If you have any supporting documentation (e.g. paper acceptance letters) email them as an attachment in electronic format (MS Word document or .PDF format preferred) to the Undergraduate Research Committee at Please include the subject heading “student travel funding attachment—your name“. Any other information that cannot be placed in electronic format should be sent to the chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee via campus mail. Please note that funding will only be awarded for future activity, hence, retroactive requests will not be considered. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee for further information.

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1. Reasons for attending. For example, how will this further your academic goals?

2. Will you be giving a presentation or poster session? If so, please fill in the title of your talk or poster session and include a brief abstract in the spaces provided below. Send a copy of the conference acceptance letter to the chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee at

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3. Expenses
(totals will be calculated when you submit the form) See below for non-travel related requests.

Registration Fee $
The committee will reimburse lodging
up to $150 per night 
nights at $ /night


  • $60 per day of travel


Travel by your own vehicle miles x $0.435 per mile
Parking and Tolls $
(Domestic airfare capped at $500)

(please specify)
$ for

Non-Travel Requests:

Amount requested: $

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