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Interdisciplinary Programs

A Hallmark of Albright College

Love biology and theatre? Dream about complex mathematical equations, yet have a passion for politics? Blaze your own trail by tailoring your educational experience to meet your personal interests and goals. For more than 40 years, Albright College has been fostering an environment that celebrates interdisciplinary thinking and prepares students to be engaged citizens who will thrive in the competitive workplace.

150+ Co-Major Contributions 50% Student graduating with combined majors

Nearly Unlimited Options

At Albright College you can create a major that is uniquely you. Choose from one of the many interdisciplinary options listed below, or combine one of those majors with a different major altogether.

To receive your degree, you must meet the 14-course requirement of the interdisciplinary major and an additional seven courses for the added combined major. Nearly half of our students blaze their own trail by combining majors. So, if you want to create your own path, tailored to your skills and interests, Albright College is certainly the place for you.

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Accounting, Economics and Finance

This interdisciplinary major blends coursework in accounting, economic,s and finance to create an integrated foundation for a successful career as well as for those who want to further their studies in accounting and financial analysis.

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American Civilization

This major offers a framework for those who wish to take an interdisciplinary approach to American culture and gain a clear and responsible sense of the ways in which one may study it.

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Arts Administration

The co-major in Arts Administration prepares students for management positions in museums, theatres, and performing art venues.

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This interdisciplinary major is ideal for those who plan to pursue careers in biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, cellular biology, forensics, molecular biology, bacteriology, physiology and the medical professions.

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Child and Family Studies

The child and family studies interdisciplinary major provides the ideal academic preparation for students interested in working with children in the context of education or human service.

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Crime and Justice

The Political Science, Psychology and Sociology Departments offer a crime and justice interdisciplinary major which focuses on the legal, political, administrative, psychological and sociological analysis of criminal deviance and societal responses to crime.

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Digital Communications

This interdisciplinary major is designed for those who want to apply their writing skills and industry knowledge through online and broadcast media. Graduates have pursued careers in digital journalism and marketing, corporate communications, and public relations, among others.

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Digital Studio Art

This interdisciplinary major provides students an integrated experience with the creative concepts and techniques inherent to both Digital Media and the Visual Arts.

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The primary goal of the English-Theatre interdisciplinary concentration is to offer students a systematic way to fill the gap between these two disciplines and to create a mutual understanding and appreciation for both perspectives.

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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is designed for science students who want to pursue careers in environmental research/technology and resource management or continue with graduate studies in an environmental field.

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Game and Simulation Development

Integrating computer science, digital media, mathematics, music and physics, this interdisciplinary major teaches students how to utilize software engineering principles to implement game and simulation technologies. Students completing this major have gone on to pursue careers in software engineering, software development, and computer science.

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International Relations

This interdisciplinary major gives students the tools they need to understand and evaluate relationships among nations, states and people. Students contemplating careers in government, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, intelligence, international business, international law and diplomacy often pursue this major.

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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American studies curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn about Latin America from a broad-based interdisciplinary perspective.

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This interdisciplinary major prepares students for advanced study in psychology, psychobiology, veterinary medicine, biology, behavioral ecology, and the health professions. It is also ideal for those who are looking for careers in pharmaceutical research or sales and allied health professions.

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Public Health

This interdisciplinary major will benefit students who wish to pursue careers related to public health and the health sciences, law and policy, and other career paths that draw upon multidisciplinary approaches and critical engagement.

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Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs majors are trained for careers in community development, urban planning and design, public policy, and the administration of public and private agencies. Students are also prepared for graduate studies in a wide range of related fields.

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Women’s and Gender Studies

The women’s and gender studies interdisciplinary major offers a series of courses on women, gender, and the family, providing a coherent grasp of women’s achievements throughout history as well as a sense of female psychology and socialization.

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