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Albright College provides students with many offices dedicated to student academic success. This Toolbox was created for students to provide a centralized location for these offices’ academic support resources and to briefly familiarize students with these many offices and their services. Some of these resources apply across all academic years, while others are limited to the current academic year, and the toolbox has them organized by category under each drop down menu.

In order to explore these services more deeply, or if the resource in question cannot be found in the toolbox, follow the links below to each office’s individual webpage to learn more and to access their contact information.

Student Academic Resources Toolbox

Request a Peer Tutor or a Writing Center Appointment

Peer tutoring is available for many 100-200 level courses. Peer tutors review course content, discuss questions, and help students prepare for  tests and assignments. Most tutors will have successfully completed the course and be able to provide additional success strategies.

The Writing Center offers free sessions with peer writing and reading tutors to discuss all aspects of the writing process including brainstorming, composition and editing skills. Peer tutors work with writers at any skill level and for any writing course. Interactive sessions will help develop your ideas through meaningful conversations about writing.

For instructions on making an appointment with both subject-specific tutors and the Writing Center, please click on the links below. For your convenience, these instructions are available as both PDF and a DOCX files.

Guide on How to Use Peer Tutoring System – PDF 

Guide on How to Use Peer Tutoring System – DOCX

Contact Information

Rachel Liberatore, Co-Director of Student Academic Support and Director of the Writing Center

Rebecca Makowiecki, Co-Director of Student Academic Support and Director of Subject Specific Tutoring

The Student Success Center (SSC) main office is on the third floor of Teel Hall, room 309A, phone 610-921-7662.

The Peer Tutoring Studio is located in the outdoor tunnel near Jake’s Place.

The Writing Center is located in Jake’s Place near the mailroom, phone 610-921-7540

To see more, visit the Student Success Center home page and the Writing Center home page.

Albright College offers experiential learning resources: study abroad, undergraduate research, the ACRE program and the Honors Program.

  • Study Abroad Find out about semester, summer, and short-term opportunities abroad. 
  • ACRE (Undergraduate Creative Research Program) – Learn about Albright’s ACRE Program during summer and January interim terms.
  • Student Travel Funding ProgramApply for funding that will cover costs to attend or present at a conference.
  • Honors Program Learn more about the Honors Program at Albright.
  • Make an appointment on Handshake – Meet with a staff member or a peer educator to learn about any program offered by the ELCDC. 

Contact Information
Email the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center
Visit the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center home page.

  • Internships– Explore a career before you graduate! This step-by-step guide helps you get started.
  • Resume Resources– Your resume is a one-page overview of all of your relevant experiences to date. This Canvas module will teach you proper formatting and what should be included.
  • Focus 2 Career – Focus 2 is an academic and career exploration tool (answer a series of questions and be shown a list of majors and careers that might interest you. use “lions” as your access code.
  • View Resources and Campus Events on Handshakeon campus or online events and some 24/7 resources.
  • Make an appointment on HandshakeMeet with a staff member or peer educator about any ELCDC program.

Contact Information
Email the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center
Visit the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center home page.

  • Research and reference support via telephone, live chat, text message or in person (contact info below).
  • Renew books and make purchase suggestions online through your library account.
  • Print from the library or other on-campus computers using PawPrint printing software.
  • Locate materials outside the Albright library system through Tipasa (interlibrary loan) service. (Chrome and Firefox browsers only).

Important Links

Contact Information
Call (610)-921-7211 or email
Live chat about reference materials on the library website.
Send a text at (610)-616-2704.
Visit us on the ground level of the Computer and Mathematics Building (CCM).

The Lion’s Edge is Albright’s campus-wide student success system: check your grades, schedule meetings with your Student Success Specialist and communicate with faculty and staff.

To see more, visit the Lion’s Edge home page.

  • Academic support for first-year studentsschedule an appointment with your Student Success Specialist here! First-year students are assigned a Student Success Specialist when they begin their studies at Albright. They will work with you on topics such as, study skills, time management, and academic exploration, non-academic advising, etc.
  •  Academic support for returning students – email the Student Success Center to make an appointment with an academic coach.

Alpha Program for Undeclared Students – Find information and academic exploration events for students in our Alpha Program.
Academic Exploration – Explore your interests and possible major choices.
College Financial Planning & Literacy – Learn about planning your finances and financial aid during your time at Albright.

Contact Information
Email the Student Success Center
To see more, visit the Student Success Center home page.

Contact Information
Visit the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center home page and the Student Success Center home page.
Contact the Experiential Learning & Career Development Center

Contact Information
Office Number (610) 921-7676
Visit Room 100E, Center for Computing and Mathematics (CCM) – #28 on Albright’s campus map.
Submitting a ticket: Emailing will automatically create your ticket with Client Services.
Visit the Digital Strategy and Infrastructure (DSI) Department’s website.

Contact Information
Email Sherry Young, M.A., Director of Student Accessibility and Advocacy
Call the Student Accessibility and Advocacy Office at 610-921-7503 or email
Visit the Student Accessibility & Advocacy home page.

The Department of Digital Learning and Innovation brings together experts in teaching, technology, and virtual learning to champion innovative and transformational practices that enhance the academic experience of our students and faculty. We work collaboratively to ensure Albright College faculty have the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to deliver accessible, high quality online, hybrid and in-person courses.

Visit the Digital Learning and Innovation (DLI) Department’s website.