Built in 1773 as a springhouse for the farm that once operated here, Sylvan Chapel is the oldest building on campus.  The lower level was used as a cold cellar for the original Selwyn Academy in the late 1800s.

During World War II the upper level was converted into a chapel to allow students and faculty a place to pray. The pulpit and benches for the chapel came from Jacob Albright's original church in Kleinfeltersville, Pa.

Sylvan Pond, once a large spring-fed lake on the site of the current dining hall, was moved to this location in 1947. The flow from the spring was redirected and contained to the smaller area currently in use. It was formerly known as Albright Lake and "the pool."

The pond and surrounding gardens were renovated in 2007 with a generous gift from Dick and Rosemarie Machmer.

In a longstanding Albright tradition, students celebrating their birthdays are thrown into the pond by classmates.