Search: Albright Vice President of Enrollment Management

Albright College is searching for its next Vice President of Enrollment Management.  The Vice President of Enrollment Management serves in a critical role as the leader and strategic planner of traditional student recruitment and enrollment.  The person who fills this role oversees admissions and financial aid, reports to the president, and serves as a member of the president’s cabinet.  The successful candidate will collaborate and communicate effectively with many college constituencies.  They will be a person of high integrity who is a positive change agent, a data-driven innovator, and someone who knows and can share the value of Albright’s education and the Albright experience, an experience during which truly transformational education takes place.

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Much of the vitality of Albright College flows from its diverse membership. We are, thus, committed to building an inclusive and fully participating academic community. This commitment to full participation is one in which all community members, whatever their identity, background, or institutional position or location, thrive, recognize their full potential, engage meaningfully in institutional life, and contribute to the flourishing of others.  The successful candidate will be committed to this ideal.

At Albright, we believe our differences make us stronger and empower us to better understand and value one another in a just and fair manner. With this in mind, the College recruits, houses, educates, employs, supports, and generally celebrates people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, citizenship statuses, religious or spiritual identity, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, marital and parental statuses, veteran statuses, political affiliations, and physical and mental abilities.

This enrollment management position is an opportunity for a seasoned enrollment manager who is well aware of today’s challenges for small, private colleges and has both the imagination and grounding in best enrollment practices to shape Albright’s future.  The position specification that more fully describes this opportunity can be found here.  For information on this search, please contact the search consultants at and visit the Albright College search on the search consultant website.


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Search Consultants

Napier Executive Search has been selected as Albright’s search firm.  Mary Napier has served as a vice president of enrollment management at several institutions.  Her searches are focused in the admissions and enrollment management areas and she has been highly successful in identifying candidates whose professional goals and skills align with the needs of the institution. Nancy Benedict, who also worked in higher education and enrollment management for many years, is working with Mary to make this search successful.



Search Committee


Communications to our Community

May 13, 2019

Dear Albright Community,

As co-chair of the search for our next Vice President of Enrollment Management, I am writing to provide a brief update on the committee’s progress since President Fetrow’s announcement of the search launch. Last week, Mary Napier and Nancy Benedict, consultants from Napier Executive Search, visited campus and helped the search committee begin the process of understanding the essential qualifications and characteristics for this vital position. They also took time to explore our campus to gain an in-person perspective of what makes Albright special and meet with other constituencies on campus including Admissions, the faculty Enrollment Development Committee, Athletics, and Financial Aid. Thanks to the information learned in these meetings, we now have a working draft of the position description that the search committee will further refine over the course of this week. We greatly appreciate those of you who took the time to attend and contribute to these meetings during this busy time in the semester. Our goal is to finalize the position description and publish it widely by the end of next week.

In addition to this work, we have created a website to keep the community informed of our progress. You may access the site here:

We also look forward to further collaboration across campus so please keep a lookout for emails from Lana to schedule key constituency meetings. In the meantime, we welcome any questions and encourage you to reach out to me, President Fetrow, or other members of the search committee.




May 2, 2019

Dear faculty and staff colleagues,

In early March, our campus welcomed Kathy Bonavist into the role of interim vice president of enrollment management. In that message, I indicated that we would be putting together the search committee and process for a permanent vice president.  Since then, I have been working with Lawrence Morris, chair of EDC, and Bridget Hearon, member of EDC, to plan that search.

I’m pleased to announce that Bridget Hearon, assistant professor of psychology, has agreed to co-chair this search committee with me.  Bridget brings extensive experience on the Enrollment Development Committee and is always willing to ask hard questions—something I find valuable.

After an interview and referencing period with several search firms, I’m also pleased to share that  Napier Executive Search has been selected as our search firm.  Mary Napier has served as a vice president of enrollment management at several institutions.  Her searches are focused in the admissions and enrollment management areas and she has been highly successful in identifying candidates whose professional goals and skills align with the needs of the institution.

The search process will begin next week, with a campus visit by search consultants Mary Napier and Nancy Benedict.  During this day and a half visit, the consultants will meet with the search committee and other key constituencies to learn about Albright and who we are as a community so they are able to write an initial draft of the position specification. The position specification will describe the essential qualities for our next vice president of enrollment management, will guide the search and selection process, and will be shared with both prospective and actual candidates, nomination sources, and the broader Albright community. And we will undertake an active international search to identify a diverse field of promising candidates.

Input from across the Albright community is essential to a successful search, so we will be holding meetings with campus groups who are most impacted by this role.  We also encourage active engagement with one of the search committee members (including Bridget and me) with your thoughts and ideas.  Lana Haufler may be reaching out to you to invite you to join one of the key constituency meetings.  Please be on the lookout for her email.

Thank you to the following members of the Albright community who have agreed to serve on this search committee and to help us to identify outstanding candidates for this critical position. This list is not complete; several invitations are still outstanding:

  • Bridget Hearon, Jacque Fetrow, search co-chairs
  • Rod Warfield, Professor of Education, Chair of the Education Department, Coordinator of Grad Studies
  • Carey Manzolillo, Director of Communications
  • Jason Hoerr, Deputy Chief Information Officer
  • John Marzka, Head Football Coach
  • Jack Lafayette, Assistant Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
  • Student ambassadors
  • Ken Lakin (Trustee representative)
  • Staff:  Lana Haufler

We will be setting up a website to keep the community informed.  Bridget and I will send out occasional emails, also keeping the community informed.  The first search committee meeting is next week.  Recruitment will begin in May and we have an ambitious plan to wrap up with finalist interviews at the end of July. We will be communicating with you throughout this process. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or Bridget.  If you have input into the search, please reach out to a search committee member (after our first meeting next week).


-Jacque, Search co-chair

Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D., ‘82
President and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry