Lab Faculty and Staff

Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D.Jacquelyn S. Fetrow
Principal Investigator

President and Professor of Chemisty
Albright College

Professional Credentials:

  • Professional positions:
    • Albright College
    • The University of Richmond
    • Wake Forest University
    • GeneFormatics, Inc.
    • The Scripps Research Institute
    • University at Albany, SUNY
  • Postdoctoral positions:
    • The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (MIT)
    • University of Rochester Medical School
  • PhD, Penn State University
  • BS, Albright College

Teaching Interests:

My teaching interests include Bioinformatics, Macromolecular Structure and Function, Biochemistry, and Physics of Biological Macromolecules.

I have taught a First Year Seminar entitled “Well-behaved women rarely make (scientific) history,” a course title I unabashedly copied (with permission) from my friend and colleague, Rebecca Alexander, Professor of Chemistry at Wake Forest University.

For more information about my courses, please visit the Teaching page.

Things that I like to do:

Playing with my dogs; gardening; cooking; hiking; biking; jogging; yoga; volleyball; skiing; baseball; football.


Students Currently in the Group

Mikaela Rosen
Sophomore, University of Richmond

Lab Alumni

University of Richmond 

Janelle Leuthaeuser
Post Doctoral Fellow and Lab Manager
PhD 2015 (Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Wake Forest University School of Medicine)
“Development and optimization of a clustering process that utilizes active site features to identify functionally relevant groups within protein superfamilies”  

Julia Hayden
Post-Baccalaureate Research Technologist (2016)
Undergraduate researcher (2013-2015)
BS 2015 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dickinson College)

Summer 2016 (URISE):

  • Destiny Pryor
  • Mikaela Rosen
  • Salmika Wairegi

Wake Forest University

Angela Harper
BS 2017 (Physics)
Current position: Churchill Fellow, Cambridge University

Gabrielle Shea
BA 2016 (Ethics and Public Policy)
Current position: Analyst, Cornerstone Research

Brian Westwood
MS 2014 (Molecular and Cellular Biosciences)
“Development of a method utilized for determining enzyme superfamily key partitions, range of sequence representation and application of the procedure to characterization of superfamilies in the thioredoxin fold”
Current position: Wake Forest School of Medicine, Hypertension and Vascular Research Center

Kiran Kumar
BA 2014 (Physics)
Current position: PhD student, Computational Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford (Advisor: Rob Paton)

Stacy Knutson Howerton
Research Scientist, 2003–2013
Current position:QA Analyst with XS, Inc.

Brandon Turner
BS 2012 (Physics)
Rhodes Scholar, 2012
Chosen as Senior Orator for class of 2012
Awarded a Guy and Clara Carswell Scholarship, 2012
Awarded APS Minority Fellowship, 2010
Current position: Medical Student, Stanford University

Don Nguyendac
BS 2012 (Physics)
Current position: Dental Student, Case Western Reserve

Satria Sajuthi
MS 2010 (Computer Science)
“Refinement of subnetwork discovery algorithm for biological networks.”
Current position: Ph.D. Student, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Wake Forest University

Mary Beth Ward
BS 2009 (Biology)
Awarded a Wake Forest Summer Research Fellowship, 2008

Cam Mateus
BS 2010 (Chemistry)
Presented a poster at the Keystone Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2008
Current position: MD Candidate at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston

Matthew Gottbrecht
BA 2009 (Physics)

Domonique Bulls
NC A&T University Undergraduate Student (BS, Biology)

Dominique Collins
NC A&T University Undergraduate Student (BA, Mathematics)

Graham Lopez
MS 2008 (Computer Science)
“A computational method to explore the time evolution of protein cavities”

Michael Murray
PhD 2008 (Biochemistry)
“Primary Hyperoxaluria and Kidney Stone Disease: Analyses of Enzymes Involved in Glyoxylate Metabolism”
Post-doc at NIH in lab of Dr. Tom Kunkel, 2008–2010

Amy Olex
Bioinformatics Specialist for the Fetrow Group, 2007–2012
MS 2007 (Computer Science with Certificate in Structural and Computational Biophysics)
“Development of novel microarray analysis tools and application to a dendritic cell maturation time course experiment”

Audra Lemley
BA 2007 (Chemistry)
Honors thesis: “Analysis of long range interactions in eglin c using molecular dynamics simulations”

Shane Ahlers
BS 2007 (Biology)
“Analysis of kinase active sites using DASP and PASSS”

Ashley Spooner
BA 2007 (Philosophy/Communication)

Edward Pryor
MS 2006 (Computer Science)
“PASSS: Protein Active Site Structure Search”

Huan Tan
MS 2006 (Computer Science)
“Active site profile scoring incorporating amino acid biophysical properties”

Ryan Huff
MS 2005 (Computer Science)
“DASP: Active site profiling for identification of functional sites in protein sequences and structures”

Michael Hicks
BS 2005 (Biology)
Honors thesis: “Molecular modeling of mammalian carboxylesterases provides insight into CPT-11 activation”
Winner of a Best Undergraduate Student Poster Award, The Protein Society Meeting, 2005

Sarah Yocum
BA 2005 (Biology)
“Study of enolase, crotonase, and dehalogenase active sites using active site profiling”

Mick Knaggs
Post Doctoral Research Associate