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President’s Student Advisory Council

The President’s Student Advisory Council is a representative body of Albright students, members of which advise the president of Albright College.  In this capacity, the Student Advisory Council will meet with the president of the College and/or College or community leaders three to four times a semester. The council may meet with the president when either council members or the president considers such a meeting valuable.

In addition, Student Advisory Council members will serve as ambassadors for the College. In this capacity, council members will have the unique opportunity to make valuable connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, administrators, and distinguished visitors at Albright College.

Students who hold the following positions will automatically be invited to serve on the council:

President, Student Government Association
Executive Vice President, Student Government Association
Editor-in-Chief, The Albrightian
Chairman, Interfraternity Council
President, Panhellenic Council
President, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Lead Resident Assistant
Leader, International Students Association
Leader, Pride Plus

Other members of the council are selected to broadly represent the student community, including at least one representative each from the peer tutors, commuter student association, ADP students, Admission Ambassadors, Lion Diplomats, and club sports. These members will be invited to serve by the president from self-nominations and nominations submitted by faculty and staff.

Current Council Members

Hunter L. Ahrens ’18

I grew up in Reading, PA and hope to stay here after graduation and work in municipal government. My major is Political Science and Urban Affairs. I’m a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the President of the Class of 2018. In my free time, I love watching movies and spending time with my Fiancé Rebekah.

Tom photo

Thomas Armstrong ‘18

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
President of PRIDE+
Spanish & Latin American Studies Major

Hola! My name is Tom Armstrong. I am from Mount Sinai; Long Island, NY. I am a Spanish and Latin American Studies Major. I am heavily involved on campus, a few of my obligations include: Resident Assistant in Smith Hall, Multicultural Students Representative on the Student Government Association, President of PRIDE+, Executive Board member for Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, and Intern for the Greek Life Office. I am considering getting involved in Higher Education (Student Affairs, Residential Life, or Fraternity & Sorority Life) and eventually continuing with my education in Hispanic culture and/or linguistics.

Briana photo

Briana Berstler ’20

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
President of the Commuter Student Association
Psychology Major/Evolutionary Studies Minor
Departmental Assistant of the Psychology Department

Hello! My name is Bri. I am from Exeter, PA. I am a Psychology major with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. I am the Departmental Assistant for the Psychology Department at Albright and I am the President of the Commuter Student Association. When I am not in class or doing homework assignments, I love to take nature walks with friends and watch Netfli. I also love to kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of others with a cup of coffee and good conversation!

Tracy phto

Tracy Celestin ’18

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
President of Caribbean Culture Club
Psychobiology Major/ Evolutionary Studies Minor
Resident Assistant in Rockland Hall

Hi! My name is Tracy. I am a Haitian-American from Brooklyn, NY. My major is Psychobiology and I’m minoring in Evolutionary Studies. I’m an RA in Rockland Hall and the president of Caribbean Culture Club. I love Marvel movies, my favorite ice cream is Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone, and I adore cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Emily Durell ’19

Communication and History Co-Major
Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Peer Orientation Person
Member of the Albright Angels
Concert Choir Administrative Representative
Writing Center Tutor and Tutor Manager

I’m so honored to serve on the President’s Advisory Council! I’m from Crofton, Maryland, where I spend my time playing with my yellow lab puppy, Piper, and working as a coach for my community swim team. My fondest memories here on campus have come from my involvement in the POPs program and the Albright Angels.

Ahmed photo

Ahmed Elhaddad ‘18

President of Albrights Men’s Rugby
Class of 2018 Senate Member
Member of President Student Advisory College

Hi! My name is Ahmed Elhaddad. I am a Business and Psychology Co-major. I am the president of Albrights Men’s Rugby Team as well as a member of the Class of 2018 Senate. I am also in Big Adventure Domain, and Improv Club. I have also been blessed to be a POP for two summers. Finally I also volunteer at Northeast Middle school as a mentor to children.  In my free time I love to watch anime as well as play chess against friends. I also love quotes. My favorite quote to use on myself is “I am in constant Beta”.

Ghana photo

Ghanshyam Gautam ’18
President of the International Students’ Association

Hello, My name is Ghanashyam Gautam and I am a senior here at Albright. I am the president of the International Students association. My major is computer science and digital media. I was born in a refugee camp in Nepal and I currently live in Harrisburg. I can speak four languages and I love playing soccer. My favorite movie is the Avengers and my favorite tv show is The House of Cards.

Erick Goldsmith ’20

Member of President’s Student Advisory Council
Residential Assistant of Walton Hall

Hello! My name is Erick Goldsmith, and I am a Spanish and Theatre Co-Major.

I’m from Chester, Pennsylvania. I love to sing, act and write. As a result, I am a part of Albright’s many performance groups, such as, Concert Choir and Albright Sketch Society, and performance events, such as, Short Play Festival and 24-Hour Theatre.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching superhero/supernatural movies and TV shows, hiking, and spending time with friends!

Monae photo

Monae Jones ’19

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Artistic Director of Domino Players Theater Company
Music Industry Studies Major/ Theater Minor

Hello, my name is Monae.  I am a Music Industry Studies Major originally from PG County, Maryland. I am the Artistic Director of the Domino Players Theater Company and a member of Albright Sketch Society and Gospel Choir. I enjoy painting and cooking.

Katherine Keough

Hi! My name is Katherine Keough and I am a Junior from New Jersey. I am studying Business/ Marketing. I am the co-president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the Women’s lacrosse team here at Albright. I am also a digital media and marketing intern at Habitat for Humanity of Berks County.

Franchesca Valencia Lebrun ’18

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
President of Panhellenic Council (Greek Life)
Digital Studio Arts Major with a Photography Minor

Hello! My name is Franchesca but most people call me Frenchie! I’m from a little town in NJ called Lincoln Park. I’m Haitian and Chilean.  I work for the Albright Football team as one of their videographers. I’m the Co-Fundraising and T-shirt designer for the Albright College Women’s Rugby Team, which I’ve played in for 2 years out of my whole college career. I love empanadas, Pandas, taking pictures and my kitten, S’mores!

Madline Photo

Madeline Martin ‘18

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Lead Resident Assistant of Smith Hall
Vice-President of the Lion Diplomats
Albright College Ambassador
Albright College Admission Fellow
Art and Psychology Major

My name is Madeline. I am from a little town called Oxford, Pennsylvania. I am an art and psychology major in the process of looking at graduate schools. When I have free time, my favorite thing to do is to read. I am a big believer in pet therapy, which is why I love and miss my pets at home so much. I tell my residents in the residential halls, the best way to get on my good side is to give me lots of chocolate including my favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Nina photo

Nina Mazzarelli ‘18

Hi! My name is Nina Mazzarelli. I am a psychology major from West Chester, Pennsylvania. I am on the Women’s Basketball team and also serve as a member of SAAC, Steering Committee, and as an Albright Ambassador. I also work for the Assistant Dean of Student’s Office! I love older music, ABBA being my favorite band. You may find me constantly singing and dancing to “Dancing Queen”, my favorite song ever. I love minions more than words can explain, Kevin being my favorite minion. I enjoy Mexican food the most, and outside of basketball, my biggest hobby is makeup & cosmetics! My favorite store is Lush where I am an avid bath bomb customer!

Elise photo

Elise Nelson ‘18

Communications-Journalism Major
President’s Student Advisory Council
Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society
Editor-in-Chief, The Albrightian
Campus Editor/National Team Writer,
PSA/News Director, WXAC 91.3FM
Student DJ, WXAC 91.3FM

Hi there! I’m Elise. I was born and raised in Reading, Pa., and I still can’t get enough of this town. As a journalism major I spend most of my time writing or editing. I’ve been with our student newspaper, The Albrightian, since freshman year, and I’m proud to be its president. You can usually find me running around campus non-stop with a packed schedule. In any free time that I do have, I love to relax with my housemates, eat tons of junk food, watch Netflix, or go home to see my dog Rory!

Savannah photo

Savannah Peck ’18

Savannah Peck ’18 is a Music Industry Studies Major from Dover, Pennsylvania.  She is the President of Lion Enterprises, the all-encompassing marketing, management, recording, and artist development label at Albright College. She is the co-founder and director of the on-campus live music venue, The Musty Basement, and also co-hosts “Pass The Aux,” a weekly radio show on WXAC 91.3 FM. She performs with Albright Sketch Society and the Albright College Big Cat Jazz Ensemble, and can also be seen performing on-and-off campus as both a solo artist and as a member of the band, Hot Dad Calendar, whom she also manages.

Garrett photo

Garrett Solomon ’18

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
President of Albright Improv
President of Albright Sketch Society
English/Theatre Major

Hello there! I’m Garrett Solomon, an English/Theatre major from Freehold, New Jersey. A couple things that I’m passionate about are sharing stories/laughter with my friends and banana bread. I am very fortunate to serve as the President of Albright Improv and Albright Sketch Society.

Rebekah Turbett ’18

Member of President’s Student Advisory Council
President, Albright Christian Fellowship
President, Psi Chi, International Honor Society in Psychology
Treasurer, Class of 2018

Hello! My name is Rebekah Turbett, and I am a Senior Child Development Psychology Major with a Music Minor. I am from the small town of Topton, Pennsylvania. I am the President of Albright Christian Fellowship, President of Psi Chi, and Treasurer for the Class of 2018. I am a tutor at the ALC and I love mentoring at 13th and Union. In my spare time, I enjoy watching superhero movies and TV shows, serving God in my community in Reading and at home, and spending time with my friends!

Jordan Winkler photo

Jordan A. Winkler ’18

Political Science/Pre-Law and Spanish major
President of the Student Government Association
Member of the Albright Pre-Law Society
Resident Assistant in Rockland Hall

Hello! My name is Jordan, and I am from Stroudsburg, PA. I am a senior Political Science/Pre-Law and Spanish major, and have been involved in Albright’s Concert Choir since Freshman year. In addition to my role as Student Government President, I am also a peer tutor in the Academic Learning Center, Admission Ambassador, and have been a Resident Assistant for three years. In my spare time, I love to go back home and hike, and write music. I am also a big fan of traveling, and hope to spend some time visiting Spanish-speaking countries while in Law School next year.