President’s Student Advisory Council

The President’s Student Advisory Council is a representative body of Albright students, members of which advise the president of Albright College.  In this capacity, the Student Advisory Council will meet with the president of the College and/or College or community leaders three to four times a semester. The council may meet with the president when either council members or the president considers such a meeting valuable.

Members of the President’s Student Advisory Council are responsible for:

  • sharing with the president thoughts and ideas about campus and campus life;
  • communicating effectively, both with the president and with their organizations and other students, about issues on campus;
  • partnering with each other to achieve cross-club and inter-organization collaboration;
  • giving voice to student ideas and concerns;
  • learning from each other.

In addition, Student Advisory Council members will serve as ambassadors for the College. In this capacity, council members will have the unique opportunity to make valuable connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, administrators, and distinguished visitors at Albright College.

Students who hold the following positions will automatically be invited to serve on the council:

Student Government Association (SGA), President
Student Government Association (SGA), Executive Vice President
Admission Ambassadors, (1) representative
African American Society, President
Albright Christian Fellowship, President
Albright Improv, President
The Albrightian, Editor-in-Chief
Academic Learning Center Tutors, (1) representative
American Sign Language (ASL) Club, President
Caribbean Culture Club, President
Club Sports, (1) representative
Commuter Student Association (CSA), (1) representative
Domino Players, President
Gospel Choir, (1) representative
Interfraternity Council (IFC), Chairman
International Students Association (ISA), President
Lion Diplomats, President
Lion Enterprises, President
National Organization for Women (NOW), President
Panhellenic Council, President
POPs Steering Committee, (1) representative
Pride Plus, Leader
Resident Assistant, Lead
Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), President
WXAC Radio Station, Program Director
At-large member, (1) upper-class student
At-large member, (1) first-year student

Other members of the council are selected to broadly represent the student community. These members will be invited to serve by the president from self-nominations and nominations submitted by faculty and staff.

Current Council Members

photo of Christina Affainie '22

Christina Affainie ’22

Hi! My name is Christina Affainie and I am a part of the class of 2022. I am from Glenolden, PA which is about an hour and a half from Albright College. I am a biology major, with that comes me constantly studying and barely having leisure time. I enjoy getting involved with extracurricular activities while being very passionate about my school work. Although I am very sociable and like being with my friends, I am very deliberate about my studies and make sure I accomplish all my assignments before due dates. I am thrilled to be the only freshmen nominated as an At-large member of the President’s Student Advisory Council. I will work with the other team members on the Council to be an advocate for the student body.

photo of Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry ’19

Music Industry Studies Major/Public Administration and Policy Analysis Minor

WXAC Music Director 2016-2018, Member at large

Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council

My name is Ryan. I am from Fredericksburg, VA. I am a Music Industry Studies major with a minor in Public Administration and Policy Analysis.  For the past two years I have been the Music Director at WXAC and have also done a radio show since 2016. It is an honor to be able to serve on the President’s Student Advisory Council.

Paul Cieri ’20

Hi, I’m Paul Cieri, a sophomore from Marina, California. I’m majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in French. I am on the swim team as well as an admissions ambassador. On top of that I am the class of 2020 treasurer along with being a part of Steering Committee to help welcome the incoming freshman! I enjoy spending time and building relationships with people. I love sushi, and I’m always down to grab ice cream no matter the weather!

photo of Ibrahim Diakite

Ibrahim Diakite ’19

African American Society

Hey y’all, my name is Ibrahim Diakité, class of 2019.  You may know me on campus as Ibi or even Iba which is my middle name. Both of my parents are from Mali which is located in West Africa, so you might catch me listening to Afro beats or even speaking in my native language which is Bambara. I’m the Vice President of African American Society or which you may know as AAS. I am majoring in Criminology and Psychology. Many people assume I’m a fashion major just because I love dressing nice and taking dope pictures. I love bringing positive energy around anyone I tend to interact with. If not doing school work or working, I’m usually making memories with my friends.

Photo of Sean Dugan

Sean Dugan ’20

Resident Assistant in Residential Life

Hello, my name is Sean Dugan. I am currently studying Business Administration with a track in finance. I am working on campus as a Lead Resident Assistant.

I play on the golf team and act as our SAAC representative; I am a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and am the acting community service and philanthropy chair. After I graduate I plan to go to law school and become a corporate lawyer. I am a big sports fan so you can often find me playing and watching football, basketball, and baseball.

Emily Durell ’19

Communication and History Co-Major
Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Peer Orientation Person
Administrative Representative, Albright Angels
Vice President, Concert Choir
Writing Center Tutor and Tutor Manager
Social Media Manager, Office of the Vice President of Student and Campus Life

I’m so honored to serve on the President’s Student Advisory Council! I’m from Crofton, Maryland, where I spend my time playing with my yellow lab puppy, Piper, and working as a coach for my community swim team. My fondest memories here on campus have come from my involvement in the POPs program and the Albright Angels.

photo of Alma Felix

Alma Felix ’18

Mathematics Major/Public Health Minor
Intern at the Partnership for Public Health of Lancaster County
President of the National Organization for Women, Albright chapter
Treasurer of the Math Club
Member of the Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America
Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Member of the World Affairs Club, Albright chapter
Member of the International Student Association


My name is Alma Felix and I am from San Luis, Arizona. Currently I am majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Public Health, in hopes of pursuing a career in public health. When I am not working or at school I love to explore different cooking techniques and recipes through readings and practice. I am excited to be a part of the president’s student advisory council and look forward to contributing to improving Albright.

Avery Foster ’19

I’m Avery Foster and I am currently on an Individualized Studies Program path in Music Business, Theater, and Digital Video Production. I am the Program Director and a DJ for our on-campus and community radio station, WXAC 91.3 FM; President of Lion Enterprises; a member of Sigma Kappa; and I have just recently finished my third internship in Marketing and Design at the Santander Arena. After I graduate, I hope to either work at a record label, or work at a music video production company. I am also a visual artist and writer, so in my free time you may find me blasting Jack White and making things!

Taylor Grayson ’20

Hi there!
My name is Taylor Grayson. I am a Communications major, Theatre minor from Brooklyn, New York. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Albrightian. I am also VP of Pride+, a dedicated Domino Player, and more. I have a deep passion for poetry and spoken word and I perform at open mic nights quite often on campus. I am obsessed with the French language and culture and have always wanted to study abroad in Paris. I am an advocate for equal rights and diversity in all aspects, and not just on campus. Family is everything to me and that’s why I like Albright. It feels like a second home for many of us. I look forward to making change for more years to come!

photo of Katie Keough

Katie Keough ’19

Hi! My name is Katherine Keough and I am a Junior from New Jersey. I am studying Business/ Marketing. I am the co-president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the Women’s lacrosse team here at Albright. I am also a digital media and marketing intern at Habitat for Humanity of Berks County.

Tyler Kiwak ’19

Hello!!! My name is Tyler Kiwak. I am a biochemistry major with a comajor in Spanish, and was born and raised in the Reading area. I am the president of the Lion Diplomats, which is the organization that stays in close contact with our alumni. On campus I am a tutor, tutoring subjects from chemistry and biology to some Spanish courses, a TA for organic chemistry lab and a conference leader for organic chemistry as well. I also am in the symphonic band, which is a lot of fun and a great way to relieve the stress built up from classes. I love being at the beach and keep that mentality going throughout the year by wearing flip flops through all types of weather, from 80 degrees and sunny to cold and snowy. When I am not working or doing school work you will find me watching hockey of any type or just hanging with friends.

Heather MacQuarrie ’19

Hi! My name is Heather MacQuarrie and I am a Business Administration – Finance & Economics major from Tucson, Arizona. As far as involvement, I am a member of the Women’s Golf Team and SAAC, a RA in Woods, and I serve as president for both Alpha Delta Pi & SGA. I am a huge fan of music (especially classic rock and country), hiking, road tripping, coffee, documentaries, football, Mexican food, and dogs. A fun fact about me is that I have been to all 48 contiguous US states!

Baboucarr Manneh ’20

Hi! My name is Baboucarr Manneh, but you probably know me as Bob. I am a Communications Major on the Journalism track. I am from Silver Spring, Maryland. I am a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, holding positions as Eminent Warden, Philanthropy Chairman and Fundraising Chairman. I am also the Vice-President of Albright Men’s Rugby Team, a member or the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi), Big Adventure Domain and The Albrightian. I was also a POP the past Welcome Weekend and will be one for the upcoming one as well. Outside of playing Rugby, I love to play Soccer, and some of my hobbies include watching Reality Series’ on Netflix and travelling to different states.

Photo of Conor McLaughlin

Connor McLaughlin ’19

Mathematics and Theatre Co-Major
Artistic Director of The Domino Players
President of Albright Gamer’s Guild
Co-President of Albright College’s Choir
Co-President of the Mane Men

Howdy! I hope you’re doing well today. My name’s Connor McLaughlin, and I am an undergraduate student pursuing a co-degree in both Mathematics and Theatre. I’ve helped with multiple student organizations on campus as well as becoming a residential assistant for my senior year at the college. One of my most memorable moments at Albright college was post-POP orientation my freshman year. You’re given a name-tag to be easily identified, so I wore my name-tag for 2 months into the semester. People thought I was quirky, but I just wanted to make introductions easier. I guess it worked out in the end because I happen to be very quirky and identifiable… Huzzah!

photo of studentAlyssa, Medina ’20

Panhellenic Council

Hi! My name is Alyssa Medina and I am from Waynesboro, PA, I am a member of the Class of 2020 and I am president of the National Panhellenic Council at Albright. I major in Digital Media Communications and have minor in Film/Video. I put a lot of time into my studies, but when I am not doing school or work I enjoy spending my free time with people I care about and love exploring Reading and the surrounding areas. I am very excited to be a part of the President’s Student Advisory Council to represent the Panhellenic Council.

photo of Michael Miller '20

Michael Miller ’19

Michael, coming from S. Florida, is a new P-SAC member this year in representation of Albright Christian Fellowship (ACF). He is completing his undergraduate studies with a Bachelors degree in Business Management. He has been an executive board member of ACF since its birth in fall of 2016, and today is Co-President. He is excited to meet the new freshman class and also build up solid memories with all of the people he has gotten to know while away at Albright. He is currently a Schumo Fitness Center instructor teaching X-biking and strength classes. He started Student Summer Storage at Albright College, a company he now runs on three campuses which primarily helps international and out of state students with a moving and storage solution. He retired from football after playing his freshman and sophomore year as a linebacker here at Albright before facing some unfortunate injuries. On the team he also served as a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Michael is excited to finish his career at Albright strong and with relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Michael would like to pay special thanks to ACF, DiscipleMakers, Albright Coaching Staff, Albright Athletic Trainers/Physical Therapy Staff, Public Safety, President Fetrow and the opportunity to be on this committee, and a thank you to the caring hearts of Albright’s professors and staff.

Kelly Neary ’19

Greetings! My name is Kelly Neary. I am a Theatre and Arts Administration major from Hicksville, New York which is on Long Island! I am currently very active on campus as the President of the Class of 2019, President of Albright Improv, Vice President of Relay for Life, Member-at-Large of ASTEP, Membership Director of the Phi Beta Chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity, and will be rounding out my experience with my third and final summer of being a POP this year. I work on campus as a Peer Tutor through the Academic Learning Center and work off-campus as a server at Friendly’s! I also am a two-time intramural volleyball champion and am looking to take that championship back next year. I love music of just about all kinds because you can always find a song that fits the mood you’re in, no matter the genre! In my free time you can find me napping, watching Netflix, or hanging out in the Student Center with my friends.

Rachael Ogunleye ’19

Hey!! I’m Rachael Ogunleye president of Caribbean Culture Club also known as CCC. You will most likely find me with my friends laughing, talking, or just having fun. I love my Nigerian Culture so you will often catch me listening to Afro beats or Caribbean music and dancing or maybe even singing SZA to the top of my lungs LOL. I major in fashion merchandising and design, my passion for fashion is insane—sounds cliché, but is very true. Feel free to contact me with questions regarding CCC or things fashion related—catch you on campus 😊.

Stephanie Pinel ’20

Hello Friends!
My name is Stephanie Pinel and I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful group. I am from Abington, Pennsylvania and I study Criminology and Political Science with a Pre-Law Track. On campus I am an Albright Ambassador, a sister of Phi Mu, Class President of 2020, a Residential Assistant, and a POP! In my spare time, I love hanging out with my friends and taking many trips to Applebee’s. My family is my absolute whole world, so giving them a huge shout out here! I also am a huge Broadway Baby and a big Eagles fan so if you see a girl singing and dancing to show tunes while screaming “GO BIRDS” it is most likely me. I am so excited to continue my time here at Albright and create even more memories for the years to come.

photo of Jacob Pollicove

Jacob Pollicove ’20

Political Science major
(Soon to be adding a Public Administration and Policy Analysis minor)

Member at Large, Albright College Student Government Association
Assistant Editor in Chief, The Albrightian
Vice President, Albright Hillel

Hello all! My name is Jacob, and I am a member of the Class of 2020. I am from Freehold, New Jersey, and anyone who knows me knows I love to talk about my hometown. I am a Political Science major. When I’m not in class, studying, working, or attending a meeting for one of the many groups I am part of, I love to read books of many genres, watch movies, and spend as much time as possible with family and friends. I am extremely excited to serve on the President’s Student Advisory Council.

photo of Raquel Rohrbach

Raquel Rohrbach ’19

Commuter Student Association

Hello, my name is Raquel Rohrbach, class of 2020, and I am president of the Commuter Student Association. I am very passionate about my studies as a biology and Spanish major. In my free time, I enjoy weight lifting and Brazilian jiu jitsu. I am honored to be president of the Commuter Student Association and I welcome anybody to contact me with questions about it.

photo of Veronica Rutecky '20

Veronica Rutecky ’20 – Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO)

Environmental Science Major/Evolutionary Studies Minor
ACES Scholar
President of the Environmental Campus Outreach Club
Treasurer of the National Organization for Women, Albright chapter
Student worker at the Albright Greenhouse
Student worker at Gingrich Library
Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council
Resident of the Multicultural Affinity House
Albright Legacy


I am Veronica Rutecky from Tower City, Pennsylvania. I major in Environmental Sciences and minor in Evolutionary Studies. I would like to do research in invasive species and potentially earn a PhD in Ecology. My ultimate end goal is to become a professor in the natural sciences. In my free time I love going on adventures, from exploring small towns to observing wildlife in other countries! I am honored to be in the President’s Student Advisory Council and hope to aid in the innovation of Albright College’s growth and development.

Tania Santiago ’20

Hi! My name is Tania Santiago, I am a Music Business and Business administration co-major. I am the president for International Student Association, but I am also on the executive board for Pride+, Hispanic culture club, and the multicultural representative for Student Government. I also work as a caller for Phonathon. My biggest guilty pleasure is watching bad Netflix original movies.

Isha Shah ’20

Hi! My name’s Isha and I’m a biochemistry major from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. I came into Albright with the class of 2021, but will be graduating early with the class above me. Even though I’ve only been here for a year, I have been very fortunate to have so many opportunities here. I have been my class president and am now a part of Student Government’s Executive Board. I am also a member of Lion Diplomats. I work on campus as an ambassador in the admissions office and as an RA in Walton Hall. While I’m not running around between clubs and work, you’ll find me hanging out with friends. In my free time, you’ll probably see me doing some type of art—painting, designing and sewing clothes, singing, playing an instrument—you name it. I’ve made the most of my first year here and I can’t wait to see what adventures and opportunities the future will bring!

Alyssa Sherman ’20

President of PRIDE+
President of Relay for Life
Publicity Chair for the National Society of Leadership and Success

My name is Alyssa Sherman. I am a Theatre major from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in the Poconos! I am President of PRIDE+ and Relay for Life and Publicity for the National Society of Leadership and Success and Public Relations for Phi Mu. I’m also a POP, Domino Player, Albright Ambassador and Residential Assistant. I love every form of art whether it’s visual or performing and engage in both regularly. My favorite art forms are welding and fabric manipulation. On my free time I play video games with my friends here at Albright or online. My favorite band I listen to is Panic! At the Disco which I listen to all the time during a majority of my day. I also love dogs more than any other living being and have two of my own that I love very much.

photo of Trinity Smith

Trinity Smith ’20

Hello! My name is Trinity and I’m from Reading, PA. I am a General Communications and Spanish co-major. I am the President of the Albright College Gospel Ensemble. Even though I am a commuter student, I spend lots of time on campus doing homework, hanging out with friends, and going to events that Albright College provides. I am so honored and very excited to serve on the P-SAC.

photo of Jade Stern

Jade Xiao Xi Stern ‘19

President of American Sign Language (ASL)
President of Albright Visual Arts Organization (AVAO)
Lead Resident Assistant of North Hall for Residential Life
Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council (P-SAC)
Member of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

Hello! My name is Jade. I am a senior in my last semester of Albright. I am the representative of ASL club in P-SAC. My major is Child and Families Study Major with a focus on the Child Development Track. I enjoy being busy and helping others out to the best of my ability. My hobbies include reading, music, art of any form, and hanging out with my friends on Albright campus. Learning new things and being an academic are honestly some of the most fun things to me. It is just so utterly fascinating what other people create and teach. I try to make it a habit to learn or pick up new skills as often as I can. I am currently working on learning to play the piano and become proficient in ASL.

Former Council Members

Hunter Ahrens ’18 – Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Thomas Armstrong ’18 – Pride Plus
Briana Berstler ’20 – Commuter Student Association
Tracy Celestin ’18 – Caribbean Culture Club
Emily Durell ’19 – Peer Tutors
Ahmed Elhaddad ’18 – Club Sport
Ghanashyam Gautam ’18 – International Students Association
Erick Goldsmith ’20 – Resident Assistant
Monae Jones ’19 – Domino Players
Katie Keough ’19 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Franchesca LeBrun ’18 – Panhellenic Council
Madeline Martin ’18 – Lion Diplomats
Nina Mazzarelli ’18 – Admission Ambassadors
Elise Nelson ’18 – The Albrightian
Savannah L. Peck ’18 – Lion Enterprises
Karen Shuker ’18 – School of Professional Studies (SPS)
Garrett R. Solomon ’18 – Less Than or Equal to (Improv Society)
Rebekah Turbett ’18 – Albright Christian Fellowship
Jordan Winkler ’18 – Student Government Association