President’s Student Advisory Council

The President’s Student Advisory Council is a representative body of Albright students, members of which advise the president of Albright College.  In this capacity, the Student Advisory Council will meet with the president of the College and/or College or community leaders three to four times a semester. The council may meet with the president when either council members or the president considers such a meeting valuable.

Members of the President’s Student Advisory Council are responsible for:

  • sharing with the president thoughts and ideas about campus and campus life;
  • communicating effectively, both with the president and with their organizations and other students, about issues on campus;
  • partnering with each other to achieve cross-club and inter-organization collaboration;
  • giving voice to student ideas and concerns;
  • learning from each other.

In addition, Student Advisory Council members will serve as ambassadors for the College. In this capacity, council members will have the unique opportunity to make valuable connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, administrators, and distinguished visitors at Albright College.

Students who hold the following positions will automatically be invited to serve on the council:

Student Government Association (SGA), President
Student Government Association (SGA), Executive Vice President
Admission Ambassadors, (1) representative
African American Society, President
Albright Christian Fellowship, President
Albright Improv, President
The Albrightian, Editor-in-Chief
Academic Learning Center Tutors, (1) representative
American Sign Language (ASL) Club, President
Caribbean Culture Club, President
Club Sports, (1) representative
Commuter Student Association (CSA), (1) representative
Domino Players, President
Gospel Choir, (1) representative
Interfraternity Council (IFC), Chairman
International Students Association (ISA), President
Lion Diplomats, President
Lion Enterprises, President
National Organization for Women (NOW), President
Panhellenic Council, President
POPs Steering Committee, (1) representative
Pride Plus, Leader
Resident Assistant, Lead
Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), President
WXAC Radio Station, Program Director
At-large member, (1) upper-class student
At-large member, (1) first-year student

Other members of the council are selected to broadly represent the student community. These members will be invited to serve by the president from self-nominations and nominations submitted by faculty and staff.

Current Council Members

2019-2020 Council Membership TBD

Photo of To B. Determined

To B. Determined ’20

Mathematics and Theatre Co-Major

Here’s my bio…

Former Council Members

Christina Affainie ’22 – At-large member (first-year student)
Ryan Barry ’19 – WXAC
Paul Cieri ’20 – POPs Steering Committee
Ibrahim Diakite ’19 – African American Society
Sean Dugan ’20 – Resident Assistant in Residential Life
Emily Durell ’19 – ALC Tutors
Alma Felix ’19 – National Organization for Women (NOW)
Avery Foster ’19 – Lion Enterprises
Taylor Grayson ’20 – The Albrightian
Katie Keough ’19 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Tyler Kiwak ’19 – Lion Diplomats
Heather MacQuarrie ’19 – Student Government Association (SGA)
Baboucarr Manneh ’20 – Club Sports
Connor McLaughlin ’19 – Domino Players
Alyssa Medina ’20 – Panhellenic Council (Spring 2019)
Michael Miller ’19 – Albright Christian Fellowship (Fall 2018)
Kelly Neary ’19 – Albright Improv
Rachael Ogunleye ’19 – Caribbean Culture Club
Stephanie Pinel ’20 – Admission Ambassadors
Jacob Pollicove ’20 – At-large Member (upper-class student)
Raquel Rohrbach ’20 – Commuter Student Association
Veronica Rutecky ’20 – Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO)
Tania Santiago ’20 – International Students Association (ISA)
Isha Shah ’21 – Student Government Association (SGA)
Alyssa Sherman ’20 – Pride Plus
Trinity Smith ’20 – Gospel Choir Representative
Jade Stern ’19 – American Sign Language (ASL) Organization (Fall 2018)

Hunter Ahrens ’18 – Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Thomas Armstrong ’18 – Pride Plus
Briana Berstler ’20 – Commuter Student Association
Tracy Celestin ’18 – Caribbean Culture Club
Emily Durell ’19 – Peer Tutors
Ahmed Elhaddad ’18 – Club Sport
Ghanashyam Gautam ’18 – International Students Association
Erick Goldsmith ’20 – Resident Assistant
Monae Jones ’19 – Domino Players
Katie Keough ’19 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Franchesca LeBrun ’18 – Panhellenic Council
Madeline Martin ’18 – Lion Diplomats
Nina Mazzarelli ’18 – Admission Ambassadors
Elise Nelson ’18 – The Albrightian
Savannah L. Peck ’18 – Lion Enterprises
Karen Shuker ’18 – School of Professional Studies (SPS)
Garrett R. Solomon ’18 – Less Than or Equal to (Improv Society)
Rebekah Turbett ’18 – Albright Christian Fellowship
Jordan Winkler ’18 – Student Government Association