President’s Student Advisory Council – Albright College

President’s Student Advisory Council

The President’s Student Advisory Council is a representative body of Albright students, members of which advise the president of Albright College.  In this capacity, the Student Advisory Council will meet with the president of the College and/or College or community leaders three to four times a semester. The council may meet with the president when either council members or the president considers such a meeting valuable.

Members of the President’s Student Advisory Council are responsible for:

  • sharing with the president thoughts and ideas about campus and campus life;
  • communicating effectively, both with the president and with their organizations and other students, about issues on campus;
  • partnering with each other to achieve cross-club and inter-organization collaboration;
  • giving voice to student ideas and concerns;
  • learning from each other.

In addition, Student Advisory Council members will serve as ambassadors for the College. In this capacity, council members will have the unique opportunity to make valuable connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, administrators, and distinguished visitors at Albright College.

Students who hold the following positions will automatically be invited to serve on the council:

Student Government Association (SGA), President
Student Government Association (SGA), Executive Vice President
Admission Ambassadors, (1) representative
African American Society, President
Albright Christian Fellowship, President
The Albrightian, Editor-in-Chief
Academic Learning Center Tutors, (1) representative
Club Sports, (1) representative
Commuter Students’ Association, President
Domino Players, Artistic Director
Interfraternity Council (IFC), Chairman
International Students Association (ISA), President
Lion Diplomats, President
National Organization for Women (NOW), President
Panhellenic Council, President
POPs Steering Committee, (1) representative
Pride Plus, Leader
Resident Assistant, Lead
Students of Caribbean-African Association, President
Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), President
WXAC Radio Station, Program Director
At-large member, (1) upper-class student
At-large member, (1) first-year student

Other members of the council are selected to broadly represent the student community. These members will be invited to serve by the president from self-nominations and nominations submitted by faculty and staff.

Current Council Membership 2022-2023

Sierra Chandler '24
Hi, my name is Sierra, I am from York, Pennsylvania, and I am a junior studying political science and psychology. I am serving on PSAC to provide students at Albright a voice to address their concerns.

Taisha Charles '24
Hi my name is Taisha Charles, I'm a junior at Albright and representing the class of 2024 in PSAC. I'm from Brooklyn, New York but basically live on campus full time. I work for several departments on campus, mainly I'm an Admissions Ambassador, a RA in Rockland, and a Tutor for a wide array of subjects! This will be my second year on the President's Student Advisory Council and I'm glad to have been able to be a voice for student concerns and having been able to see these changes truly take effect!

Greyson Curran '23
Hi! I am Greyson Curran, a senior who is currently studying political science and criminology. I’ve become known around campus for my involvement in various organizations, such as being Lead Resident Assistant of Albright Woods, Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a Peer Orientation Person (POP), and Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. As President of SGA, my goal for being involved at Albright is to be an advocate for student voices and continue to push for a positive change within our community

Anna Dominguez '23
Hi! My name is Anna Dominguez and I’m a first-generation college student from the Jersey Shore. I'm currently a senior studying Psychology and Spanish and I plan on pursuing a career in mental health services. I’m currently President of the International Student Association, Hispanic Culture Club and Psi Chi Honor Society. I’m super excited to be working with President Fetrow and the rest of the PSAC members! With this position, I hope to advocate for students facing hardships and strive for positive change within our Albright community.

Katie Donnor '23
Hello! My name is Katie Donner and I am from Southampton, New Jersey. I will be a senior this upcoming academic school year. I am a biology major and am hoping to go into veterinary medicine after my time at Albright. I am the President of Lion Diplomats, Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi, President of Tri Beta, Vice President of SGA, and I am a POP! I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and of course coffee. This is my first year on the President’s Student Advisory Council, and I look forward to working with President Fetrow and my fellow peers this academic school year.

Michael Gruber '24
My name is Michael Gruber. I am the President and Treasurer of WXAC, and I also serve on the executive board for both Lion Records and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I am from Elkton, Maryland and now reside in Bear, Delaware. I am a Music Industry Studies Major and a few of my interests include music composition and production. I am also interested in learning event promotion. I want to serve on PSAC because I feel that as part of the board, I have a way to express the interests of my organization, as well as get advice from other leaders as to how to better my group and myself as a leader.

Libby Harford '23
Hello, I'm Libby Harford and I'm part of the class of 2023! I'm originally from Maryland but Albright has really become my home-away-from-home. I'm currently studying American Civilization, Arts Administration, and Theater! I've dipped my toe into a little bit of everything on this campus but most notably the Domino Player Theater Company, Alpha Phi Omega, the Choral ensembles, POP's and the Womens Tennis Team. With everything I'm involved in, I like to lead by example and I'm very excited to get to represent the senior class of 2023!

Journee Haynes '25
My name is Journee Haynes and I am a sophomore from Wernersville, PA, representing the class of 2025! I am a Biochemistry major with a minor in Public Health. At Albright I am also a member of the Women's Soccer team, I serve as the Student Government Association's Fraternity and Sorority Life Representative, I am a sister of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, an intern for the Science Research Institute, as well as a member of Tri Beta and SAAC. I enjoy serving on PSAC because it allows me to relay my concerns, and those of my peers, to the people who are able to make the necessary changes in order to better student's experience at Albright.

Ebony Hicks '23
Greetings! My name is Ebony Hicks. I am a theater major from the Pocono Mountains! I enjoy sleeping, reading new plays, and trying new foods. I want to serve on PSAC to make sure that all the various art groups on campus, do not get overlooked or become forgotten and I know that serving with President Fetrow, that will not happen. Thank you!

Megan Jackson '23
Hi all! My name is Megan Jackson and from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I am a senior and the President of Albright Christian Fellowship. I’m majoring in Early Childhood Education and English. After I graduate from Albright, I hope to be teaching any grade from Pre-school to 3rd grade. When I’m not in class, I’m usually in the Campus Center, Roessner Hall, or Masters Hall hanging out with friends or having Bible Study. I also enjoy baking and going on walks late at night with my friends looking at nature and enjoying time together. I look forward to working with others on PSAC and hearing their ideas for the school and the students.

Haja Kargbo '23
Hey everyone! My name is Haja. I am from Somerset, New Jersey. I’m a Criminology major here at Albright College. Other than PSAC, I am the Recording Secretary of Student Government, President of PRIDE+, the Pledge Parent of Alpha Phi Omega, and a member of the Women’s Rugby team, along with the Reading Women’s Rugby team. I am also an Admissions Ambassador. I like to paint, practice my guitar, watch college sports, play rugby, and just hang around with friends. I’m happy to be on PSAC for another year and my final year here as I want to be able to be the voice for the people who want to have their voices heard but need help doing so. I want to be an advocate for all students so they can have an amazing college experience.

Adrian Lopez '24
Hey there! My name is Adrian Lopez, I'm a current junior who is a Music Industry Studies major here at Albright! I've become well-known throughout campus with my involvement in various organizations such as being Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of the Albright Choral Ensembles, a Lion Records Artist, Vice President of Pride+, a Peer Orientation Person and now the LGBTQ+ Representative of SGA and Fraternity Representative of the PSAC! I'm super excited to be on the team, I'm a huge advocate for diversity, equality, and especially ensuring every student's voice is heard. I aim to not only be a role model, but to boost confidence and comfortability among the students and show they are valued here in and out. I look forward to what's to come with my positions, and I believe the Albright community will only be going up from here!

Kyra Lycett '24
Hello! My name is Kyra Lycett, and i’m a SAAC administrator as a rising junior. I am a child development psychology major and part of the women’s volleyball and lacrosse team. I’m looking forward to help inform the president on what the student athletes need.

Gillian Pierce '24
Hey everyone! My name is Gillian Pierce and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a junior here at Albright and I major in biochemistry and double minor in Spanish and public health on the pre-med track. I am involved at school with the eco club, AED, BBB, honor society and Lion Diplomats which is what group I represent on PSAC. One of my goals for PSAC is making mental health a priority and including more mental health resources for the student body.

Abby Platero '23
Hey there, my name is Abby Platero and I am a senior co-majoring in Arts Administration and Psychology from Matawan, New Jersey. I currently work as a gallery manager and am looking forward to continuing my career in the arts after I graduate in December. I have the absolute pleasure and honor of being part of POPs Steering Committee, and I very much look forward to representing a part of Albright I truly love through P-SAC.

Antwan Rogers Jr, '23
Greetings Albright family, my name is Antwan Rogers Jr, I am a senior (’23) majoring in Business management. I am involved with the football team on campus along with being a member of our leadership council. My goal for this year is to help better our school both on and off the field while also working to be a bridge that helps to connect our students and athletes with the community.

Zoe Satterthwaite ' 23
Hello everyone! My name is Zoe Satterthwaite, and I am from Kunkletown, PA. I use she/her pronouns. I am a fashion merchandising and business co-major, class of 2023. I am president of Club Vogue, and a member of World Affairs Club, Skate Club, and The Cue, as well as a writer for Fashion Lion. I also work in the Academic Learning Center as a tutor and an office assistant. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking and playing video games. The community at Albright is so amazing and I’m very excited to work alongside President Fetrow and my peers this upcoming year!

Terrick Whitters '23
Hello, my name is Terrick Whitters and I am from Philadelphia, PA. I am currently a senior. My major is Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and my minor is Public Policy and Administration. On campus, I am the Vice President of the Albright Rugby Club and I am the President for Alpha Sigma Phi. In the future, I plan on creating a Non-profit organization that focuses on guiding middle and high schools along the college process as well as educating these students on mental and physical well-being. I look forward to working with President Fetrow and the PSAC.

Teniya Williams '23
Hello! My name is Teniya Williams and I am from Baltimore, MD. I am a senior who is majoring in crime and justice. I am the Student Coordinator of Public Safety, Vice Presdient of Anime Club and Gamer’s Guild, a Peer Orientation Person (POP), and I work in admissions as well. I also am a member of Roaring Lions, Lion Chorale, and Leo Chorum. I'm involved in alot on campus, and I am someone who always listens to what people have to say. I want to make sure that all students concerns are heard no matter how small or big they may seem, and I hope to do so serving on PSAC.

Former Council Members

Dylan Cope ’22 – President, SGA
Jaelynn Walker ’21 – Executive VP, SGA
Samantha Da Silva ’22 – Representative, Admission Ambassadors
Tyler Chaffins ’22 – President, African American Society
Janae Taft ’22 – President, Albright Christian Fellowship
Wesley Cipolla ’22 – Editor-in-Chief, The Albrightian
Kwabena Ofori ’21 – Representative, ALC Tutors
Trinity Peters ’22 – President, Students of Caribbean-African Descent Assoc.
Na’air Campbell ’22 – Representative, Club Sports
Natalie Buck ’21 – President, Commuter Student Association (CSA)
Makenzie Mettler ’22 – Artistic Director, Domino Players
Dylan Cope ’22 – Chairman, Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Jennifer Vasquez ’22 – President, International Students Association (ISA)
Olivia Frey ’22 – President, Lion Diplomats
Elyzah Ruiz ’21 – President, National Organization for Women (NOW)
Morgan Sturm ’21 – President, Panhellenic Council
Paul Williams ’23 – Representative, POPs Steering Committee
Jonathon Moss ’22 – President, Jonathon Moss
Haja Kargbo ’23 – Treasurer, Pride Plus
Niles Harris ’21 – Lead, Resident Assistant
Brooke Schlott ’22 – President, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Michael Gruber ’24 – Program Director, WXAC
Princilla Adusei ’24 – Representative, At-large member–first-year
Greyson Curran ’23 – Representative, At-large member–sophomore class
Christina Affainie ’22 – Representative, At-large member–junior class

Dylan Cope ’22 – SGA President and Interfraternity Council (IFC), Chairman
Jaelynn Walker ’21– SGA Executive VP
Kwabena Ofori ’21 – Academic Learning Center Tutors
Samantha Da Silva ’22 – Admission Ambassadors
Tyler Chaffins ’22 – African American Society
Janae Taft ’22 – Albright Christian Fellowship
Wesley Cipolla ’22 – The Albrightian, Editor-in-Chief
Na’air Campbell ’22 – Club Sports
Natalie Buck ’21 – Commuter Student Association (CSA)
Makenzie Mettler ’22 – Domino Players, Artistic Director
Jennifer Vasquez ’22 – International Students Association (ISA)
Olivia Frey ’22 – Lion Diplomats
Elyzah Ruiz ’21 – National Organization for Women (NOW)
Morgan Sturm ’21 – Panhellenic Council
Paul Williams ’23 – Peer Orientation People (POP’s) Steering Committee
Jonathon Moss ’22 – Pride Plus
Haja Kargbo ’23 – Pride Plus
Niles Harris ’21 – Resident Assistant
Brooke Schlott ’22 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Trinity Peters ’22 – Students of Caribbean-African Descent Association
Michael Gruber ’24 – WXAC
Greyson Curran ’23 – At-large Member, Representing the Sophomore Class
Christina Affainie ’22 – At-large Member, Representing the Junior Class
Princilla Adusei ’24, At-large Member, Representing the First-Year Class

Linden Bennetch ’20 – Lion Diplomats President
Anne Sara Bien-Aime ’20 – Students of Caribbean-African Association President
Natalie Buck ’21 – Admission Ambassador
Sharyce Dey ’20 – ALC Tutors
La’Shae Eaddy ’20 – POPs Steering Committee
Tyler Faulkner ’21 – WXAC Program Director
Karl Fey ’21 – Albright Improv President
Taylor Grayson ’20 – The Albrightian Editor-in-Chief
Faith Guzzo ’20 – SGA President
Allison Kephart ’21 – Domino Players Artistic Director
Alyssa Medina ’20 – Panhellenic Council President
Tiffany Ng ’20 – International Students Association (ISA) President
Jessica Nixon ’19 – African American Society President
Christian Orlando ’20 – Interfraternity Council (IFC) Chairman
Jacob Pollicove ’20 – SGA Executive VP
Veronica Rutecky ’20 – Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO) President
Tania Santiago ’20 – Pride Plus Leader
Julie Schrey ’21 – Resident Assistant Lead
Isabel Skovera ’21 – National Organization for Women (NOW) President
Trinity Smith ’20 – Gospel Choir President
Autumn Spears ’20 – Albright Christian Fellowship President
Mara Trifoi ’20 – Commuter Students’ Association President
Paris Walker ’20 – At-large member—upperclass
Anthony Woodlock ’20 – Club Sports
Brooke Yerger ’20 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) President

Christina Affainie ’22 – At-large member (first-year student)
Ryan Barry ’19 – WXAC
Paul Cieri ’20 – POPs Steering Committee
Ibrahim Diakite ’19 – African American Society
Sean Dugan ’20 – Resident Assistant in Residential Life
Emily Durell ’19 – ALC Tutors
Alma Felix ’19 – National Organization for Women (NOW)
Avery Foster ’19 – Lion Enterprises
Taylor Grayson ’20 – The Albrightian
Katie Keough ’19 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Tyler Kiwak ’19 – Lion Diplomats
Heather MacQuarrie ’19 – Student Government Association (SGA)
Baboucarr Manneh ’20 – Club Sports
Connor McLaughlin ’19 – Domino Players
Alyssa Medina ’20 – Panhellenic Council (Spring 2019)
Michael Miller ’19 – Albright Christian Fellowship (Fall 2018)
Kelly Neary ’19 – Albright Improv
Rachael Ogunleye ’19 – Caribbean Culture Club
Stephanie Pinel ’20 – Admission Ambassadors
Jacob Pollicove ’20 – At-large Member (upper-class student)
Raquel Rohrbach ’20 – Commuter Student Association
Veronica Rutecky ’20 – Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO)
Tania Santiago ’20 – International Students Association (ISA)
Isha Shah ’21 – Student Government Association (SGA)
Alyssa Sherman ’20 – Pride Plus
Trinity Smith ’20 – Gospel Choir Representative
Jade Stern ’19 – American Sign Language (ASL) Organization (Fall 2018)

Hunter Ahrens ’18 – Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Thomas Armstrong ’18 – Pride Plus
Briana Berstler ’20 – Commuter Student Association
Tracy Celestin ’18 – Caribbean Culture Club
Emily Durell ’19 – Peer Tutors
Ahmed Elhaddad ’18 – Club Sport
Ghanashyam Gautam ’18 – International Students Association
Erick Goldsmith ’20 – Resident Assistant
Monae Jones ’19 – Domino Players
Katie Keough ’19 – Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
Franchesca LeBrun ’18 – Panhellenic Council
Madeline Martin ’18 – Lion Diplomats
Nina Mazzarelli ’18 – Admission Ambassadors
Elise Nelson ’18 – The Albrightian
Savannah L. Peck ’18 – Lion Enterprises
Karen Shuker ’18 – School of Professional Studies (SPS)
Garrett R. Solomon ’18 – Less Than or Equal to (Improv Society)
Rebekah Turbett ’18 – Albright Christian Fellowship
Jordan Winkler ’18 – Student Government Association