CITE-C and Student Organization Flag Proposal Form – Albright College

CITE-C and Student Organization Flag Proposal Form

Submissions will be reviewed by CITE-C to ensure requests support the Values, Mission and Vision of Albright College. You will receive a response back within two weeks of your submission. Questions should be e-mailed to


These flags represent student organizations that are actively engaged in building an inclusive and fully participating community at Albright College. The Pride+ student group proposed recognizing these organizations in 2018. All student organization flags will be displayed on the grass location where White Chapel formerly stood. Approved flags will be displayed for one semester at a time so organizations will need to submit new requests each semester. Space is limited so it is possible that some requests may be denied, or delayed.


Student organizations are responsible for funding their flags, and will be responsible for replacement of flags through normal wear and tear. Funding may be requested through the SGA allocation process. The college may fund the replacement of flags that may have been vandalized or damaged by natural disaster.  All flags will be standard commercial size. CITE-C will periodically review the relevance and funding required to maintain flags.